Does IMVU Customer Service retaliate when people complain?

IMVU Customer Service Complaint Department
I filed a complaint at IMVU because the angel profile wasn’t AP and they took it down. The rep responded with an arrogant YES IT IS AP and I got two more anonymous complaints. Each time I put it back up. Hanna was apparently away for a couple days and when she got back, she responded to my ticket and I got a fourth complaint. A couple days later, I write back and suddenly get the fifth “anonymous” complaint.

I’ve had a lot of sexier profile pics since I started here and in three years only got a couple complaints. Now nine days I have FIVE complaints about one of the least offensive pictures I’ve used. I haven’t had any issues with people, I’m about to get married in here. Things have never been better. The only issue I’ve had has been with Hanna in IMVU Customer Service. And every time I add to the complaint ticket or get a response I get another complaint.

be very careful complaining about imvuDoes this prove it’s from IMVU, I don’t know. IMVU is the most closed, anti customer organization I’ve ever dealt with. They don’t tell you what was wrong, who said it was wrong, or give you any appeal process. And it seems like if you do say anything to them, you mysteriously keep getting attacked. I wouldn’t assume it’s all IMVU reps or their policy, but I guess we’ll find out based on how they respond. If they bury it, and insist it has to remain “anonymous” there’s probably a reason for that and it’s probably either sanctioned or part of their policy or so prevalent that they don’t want to admit it. If that’s not the company attitude they will open up and be more forthcoming.

If the company does show the details of the complaints I won’t do anything to that person and promise to respond respectfully and in love. My family name is LYN which means Love Your Neighbor, and I’ll respond as such. But to do this to one of their biggest supporters is just stupid beyond measure. I’m boycotting the company, not buying any more credits for myself or friends and adding to the complaint section of the website as much as possible in the mean time.

The only reason I’m in IMVU is the people, and my friends. Otherwise I would already be in 2nd Life!

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  1. all of this is true but thats really the sad part..

    June 28, 2014 at 8:42 am

  2. I used LIVE CHAT because I haven’t gotten a response on the Harassment complaint in 10 days and I got the rep that was causing it. I tried to get someone else but she said there was no body else. I asked her again if she caused the complaints. Hanna has dodged that question in the support ticket and continued to so ridiculously in the live chat it was hysterical.

    Kaitlyn: Apparently IMVU doesn’t even take harassment seriously.

    Hannah: As I have stated, all reports that are submitted are being carefully reviewed before it gets a verdict.

    Kaitlyn: It’s been weeks since you did anything about the original complain (other than keep taking it down)

    Kaitlyn: I have a question for you.

    Kaitlyn: And refusing to answer it on the record, only makes you look guilty as hell.

    Hannah: May I know what is your question?

    Kaitlyn: Other than the first one, did you make the complaints or cause the complaints to be made???

    Kaitlyn: You refused to answer that in the ticket

    Hannah: Please be advised that every user has the right to report another user whom they believe is violating our Terms of Service.

    Kaitlyn: So you won’t answer it now either?

    Hannah: I have reviewed your case and found out that photo has been reported due to MCG violation.

    Kaitlyn: because that’s clearly not answering the direct question.

    Hannah: Please know that all photos shared to everyone should be appropriate to the general audience.

    Kaitlyn: Did you make or cause to be made any of the complaints?

    Kaitlyn: ~crickets~

    Hannah: Are you referring to the reports submitted under your account?

    Kaitlyn: the complaints about the profile pic.

    Kaitlyn: Do you have anything against Angels?

    Hannah: No, Ma’am. We are not causing the complaints.

    Kaitlyn: You personally or indirectly didn’t cause any of them?

    Hannah: Your profile photo has been removed several times due to it being in violation of the Minimum Coverage Guidelines.

    Hannah: Please be advised that we strictly follow our policy.

    Kaitlyn: I took a picture of it in Photo Stream to show you it’s GA.

    Kaitlyn: You didn’t answer the question.

    Hannah: We don’t have control over the users who are submitting reports against an account.

    Kaitlyn: Did you personally directly or indirectly cause any of the complaints

    Kaitlyn: It’s a simple yes or no question.

    Kaitlyn: I’ve never seen anyone dance around this much before.

    Hannah: No, Ma’am. We did not cause these users to report your photo.

    Kaitlyn: We or YOU.

    Kaitlyn: I’m asking YOU.

    Kaitlyn: Did you Hanna, make or cause to be made, any of the complaints, yes or no.

    Kaitlyn: ……..

    Hannah: No, Ma’am. I did not cause these users to report your photo.

    Hannah: Every user has the right to report a user whom they believe is violating our TOS.

    It went on but that’s the gist of it. I’m sure I’ve got my 10th complaint coming any minute! If she wasn’t causing it wouldn’t she be happy to deny it on the record? What possible reason would someone have for trying THAT hard not to answer it directly if it wasn’t a lie?

    This is why I say you’ll eventually HATE IMVU

    July 8, 2014 at 2:51 pm

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