RolePlaying Types, Terms & Tips but Ichiga ^//.//^

IMVU roleplaying tipsOne of the nicest parts of doing the website is meeting people. I met the cutest Japanese girl who was much more of a role player than I am. I started talking to her and she explained what I called RolePlaying Tips & Rules. I boiled down our conversation a little to try and explain some roleplaying basics in here. There are more thorough lists and articles about role playing, but I wanted to summarize a few of the basics from that conversation.

Here is the Rules and Tips of Rp! starting with Format and Genres;
T-1 (Commonly used by serious Rpers; Consits of a Descriptive paragraph)
T-2 (Secondly used for those who find T-1 too serious or Boring. Consits of few sentances).
T-3 (A Very childish way to Rp, Rare in most cases; Consits of Few Words)
And T-L/Novela (Legendary-like Format, Usually a Full blown explosion of Paragraphs).

ichiga cute pandaGenres:
Anime based (Bleach, naruto, Dbz, Etc.)
Fantasy (Vampires, demons, Etc.)
Modern/Life (Family, Clans, Etc.)
Most are mixed with Different genres

Common Terms used:
DM (Death match)
IC (In character)
OOC (Out of character; Commonly known as using the brackets to talk out of Rp)
NKZ (No kill zone)
NFZ (No fight zone)

Tips/Rules of RP:
Do not Auto-Hit (Meaning All Posts MUST have a way to Dodge or Block it)
Rp is turn-based! (Meaning you wait for the person to post after you!)
No God-modding (That means basically there is no Teleportation or BS Like that!)
Have Sense while attacking (You cannot have some big ol’ Attack the size of the sun and send it off; That’ll kill you in the process baka!)
For a Death to be legit You must have at least one witness of the Death of said character.
You cannot control someone else’s character without consent
When Rping, The skirt rule Applies; Short enough to keep companions interested, Long enough for detail. ichiga japanese costumes
When committing an Action Use – -, ~ ~ * * And so forth.
When in OOC (( {{ [[ ]] }} )) use either brackets.
When speaking in character use ” ”
Another rule of Rp, No perfect characters! They must have flaws like everyone else. All must have a type of weakness. Even a god could have a flaw..

Conclusion: Roleplaying isn’t about winning, it’s about having fun and making a great story and memories. It’s more fun and enjoyable for all if you follow these rules and use some common courtesy so everyone can enjoy it too. Thank you so much to my new friend, Ichiga!

3 responses

  1. I should add a comment, but these are traditional “ROLE PLAYING” tips and rules, but erotic role playing is different. It’s not a one at a time back and forth back and forth process like a fight. It’s more of a stream of consciousness thing. You have to let it flow and say it as you feel it, not waiting turns reading big long lines and then writing more big lines. The only ones that should do it that way are guys that wrote out really good long lines that want to just copy and paste them so they don’t have to write much while they’re busy feeling it. Otherwise shorter faster lines work better and feel more real in passion.

    I have been with guys that thought the rules of T1 apply to passion, and it’s a HUGE turnoff. Being told you’re doing cyber wrong is basically the end of doing anything with that partner. I try to adapt to my partner’s style but if you do long T1 lines in passion, and expect me to, we’re not as likely to do that again.

    May 21, 2014 at 7:14 pm

  2. thanks ishi, those are super helpful.

    but yea, for me personally, I don’t like the t1 style for other kinds of rp too. it’s fine for like playing on a message board, but if people are here together, you should be here together. interacting. but that’s just me.

    i don’t ever multi-chat, i prefer to focus on whoever i’m with. but i understand that different people have different styles.

    although if someone else is multi-room chatting with me, it woudl be nice if they told me so i’m not sitting there waiting…

    May 28, 2014 at 12:08 pm

    • I kind of like seeing that a little but I’m really not a fighter or telling some huge gothic story. Katy, you’re the master of the short responses, which I think are awesome in passion. They are easier to read when your brain is elsewhere and they give you a very powerful feeling of the emotion and passion.

      Nobody can multichat with you because you’re the fastest typer! You can probably multi chat in regular conv sometimes without anyone even noticing, but nobody can or should ever do that in passion. It’s ok to be a little busy and enjoying things during passion, but not distracted by other conversations.

      Maybe there should be rules for Erotic Role Play?!

      May 28, 2014 at 1:37 pm

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