Thank You Jesus for the Cross

church verseI don’t write much about religion or politics or talk much about it in here because this is such an international and multicultural place. I don’t ever want to make anyone uncomfortable or feel pressured at all. This is the most nonjudgmental and accepting place ever. You can be absolutely anything or anyone in here. But I hope you’ll allow me to share a heartfelt sincere message just of immense love and appreciation on this special day.

Thank You Jesus for the Cross.
Thank you for the price you paid for us.
Giving up your life to save the Lost.
Thank You Jesus for the Cross.

God loves you Stephanie, and so do IThat was a verse in a song at church this morning and I couldn’t stop thinking about it and just wanted to share it. I think a lot about here in church and a lot about my friends in here when I pray. Especially my soulmate Stephanie who I love more than I can ever say. Welcome Home!!

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  1. Maybe I’m weird but I feel a kind of spiritual connection. Praying is closer to chatting in here than it is to talking. I also think that just as you tend to love someone as you get to know them, God loves us because he knows us. Imagine if you knew everything about someone, since before they were born. How could you not love them? I kind of feel like the connection I have in here with people is what God wants to have with us in our lives. I’m probably weird but it’s kind of fun to think about in some ways too.

    April 28, 2014 at 4:32 pm

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