Begging for gifts

topless pink pug2It’s fun to have new clothes and dress up nice but… I don’t think that’s really the point. The amount of fun you have here is not determined by how many different outfits or items you have and it’s definitely not how many credits you have. If you don’t have money for credits you can review products or do some of the special offers.

begging2Sure it’s fun to have some new toys but what really makes it so much more fun is having good friends. And begging for gifts kind of hurts your friends and pushes them away more than anything else. It hurts your friendships And for what? Another sexy dress in your virtual closet?

You’ll find some people that will pity you, and if you ask everyone for gifts sometimes you’ll get some but most of the time you’re insuring that you don’t make the really good friends that you would have. I understand that gifts are a way that you show appreciation and make someone feel loved. But that’s when they’re GIFTED, not when you begged for them.

I want to help people and giveaway a lot of things to friends and even people that I just meet but I don’t really do it because I have to or because they ask me to, I do it because I WANT to. You can see my stats on my homepage and You’ll see that I have almost 5900 items in my generosity score, because I enjoy sharing but not because people ask for things. The way to be rich in here is to be rich in friends! Gifts are for showing you love someone, and you don’t come out and ask someone to love you, you love them and be a friend to them first.

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