The new IMVU messaging

Wendy looks at imvus new messagingA few weeks ago did IMVU announced their new and improved messaging system to send messages with each other person within the virtual world of IMVU.

Some new features of this messaging box are that you could read what you have sent, you could easily see which messages are new, and there’s an ability to be able to send a message to multiple people simultaneously. I think the new system makes it a little easier to send quick messages just to stay in touch with people you talk to regularly.

This new messaging will be only available for your “inbox” on the website while your “inbox” remains unchanged in your 3D chat client. IMVU will be change this experience at a later date which probably sometime in the first months of 2014.

The new messages tab has a brand new look, a preview panel on the left and a detailed view panel on the right. You can click on the “New Message” link on the right side to initiate a message. You can click on a message seen in the preview panel to read it in its entirety in the detailed view panel and respond. It also has a yellow triangle on the top right corner for messages you have received but haven’t opened yet in the preview column.

There’s another new benefit of the messaging panel. You can simply archive a message that you no longer want in your Inbox. It is not deleted but archived and you can move it back to the inbox if you choose to do so. No more accidental deletion of messages. Though I find it doesn’t seem to archive or hide them for me in Chrome.

I always had some trouble with messages on my iphone, but the old system at least worked. The new system doesn’t work for me on my iphone. I have to switch back to the old message system to be able to send messages on the webpage with my iphone.

What will be the difference while you use the old messaging box verses the new messaging box!!V-sign near the profile picture

With the old inbox can you easily see if someone’s online by the green Check Mark sign near the profile picture of the sender of a message. You can’t tell if someone’s online with the new inbox unless you click on their picture to open the card. The other difference is it’s harder to edit things with the new inbox because you have such a small typing field.

The worst part of the new messaging inbox to me though is, when someone sends a group message it doesn’t show up at all in the old inbox. This was how I missed Kait’s “Birthday Party” which Katy and Susan organized for her… sighs.

So don’t be mad at people when they do not reply to a group message with the new messaging feature. It could be possible that they are using the old version instead of the new version and didn’t get the message you’ve sent him/her. So it’s not perfect but I think this is a step forward and I’m very glad that they’re working on and trying to improve things. Hopefully they’ll continue to address these things and have it all fixed real soon.

In any case, keep messaging, whether you use the old or the new version or only send messages in the 3D chat client. IMVU is about connecting and messaging is an important part of that and can definitely help you keep in touch with important people.

Loves xxx Wendy 

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  1. Wendy is definitely one of the best at messages, and using them to not only keep a relationship going strong but build and encourage it despite being several time zones away. She is the sweetest and best communicator!

    November 1, 2013 at 6:47 pm

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