What’s the downside of IMVU

downside problems negative things about imvuI talk a lot about the good things in IMVU but what are the downsides? First and foremost, the biggest downside for many people is that it sucks up so much time. It’s a great feeling and a lot of fun when it’s going well and it’s easy to let that suck up more time then you probably should.

The next downside is probably more painful. That’s the intensity, especially when things go wrong. Things happen very fast in here, and when they go wrong it can often be even faster and more intense then real life.

Another thing you have to watch out for is assuming this is more than it really is. This isn’t real life and although it’s exciting to imagine it as real it’s a danger and not something to be tried lightly. I think there’s also a danger, especially for young people to take the things and lessons and attitudes from here and let them spill over into their real life.

This is gonna hurtNo discussion of the downside could be complete without talking about the Darkside. IMVU Definitely has a dark side. There are a lot of really bad people and anonymity seems to empower them. There are child molesters and people that you would never want your children anywhere near. The freedom here is fun but it can also be dangerous if you aren’t careful too. The corporate attitude also tends to be anti user at times.

All that being said it can definitely be the most exciting and amazing thing ever. So watch out for the downsides but go for it.

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  1. A super thoughtful post, I totally agree! I think it is always helpful to be able to talk about all sides of something and even though I personally love imvu, this post is super helpful.

    October 26, 2013 at 5:45 pm

    • We’re all addicted, but that alone is dangerous. But we watch out for each other and support each other totally too. Kiss….

      October 27, 2013 at 3:12 am

  2. IMVU should be advertised like those commercials for drug companies on TV. Where they first show all the good things that happen if you use it. Then an announcer starts reciting (fast as those auction caller guys) all the side effects! I think some of the downsides are side effects from using imvu. So imvu is like a drug and is addictive. :)
    Also the side effects do not happen to all users but they do occur, and can happen to anyone. Maybe the fast talker guy would say….”Can cause sleeplessness, insomnia,
    blurry vision, neglect of household duties, forgetfulness, mild depression, possible danger especially to younger users, Etc. And he is reciting all this while on the screen there is a couple dancing, and another flying above a beautiful landscape. I am with you that I totally love it here in this world and I love all the really awesome people I have met but you still need to be careful and watch out for the side effects!
    Great post Kaitie!

    October 27, 2013 at 4:00 pm

  3. What a neat visual. It would be funny to hear a lawyerly discaimer from the side effects of IMVU. Sometimes it makes my cheeks hurt from smiling so much (or from sitting to long!) Love You!

    November 1, 2013 at 3:00 pm

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