What’s the Purpose of IMVU?

intimate love in imvuWhy are we here? What’s the real purpose of IMVU? I came here initially to feel sexy again. After kids and 9 years of marriage, I wanted a safe way to feel sexy. It wound up being more.

After the sexiness I realized the intimacy was even more special. You can get the sexiness from A video or romance novel. But you can’t get the feeling of intimacy you get here from a video or feel so connected.

I used to tell a friend that all I wanted was to know her heart and share mine with her. Maybe that could be the ultimate purpose for this crazy place. It’s sexy, it’s fun, but the real value, the real purpose of this to me may be to connect in a very special and deep way. That doesn’t require sexiness although sex is a great way to solidify a good relationship. But sex alone doesn’t make a relationship.

Another interesting question is, what is the purpose of this blog? It’s a combination of three things (in no particular order). It’s to help and talk about issues and give them some interesting ideas and helpful advice here or there. It’s to connect and bond with readers and encourage friendships. Thirdly, it’s to explain a little bit of this crazy experience to the outside world. Oh, and maybe it’s a little bit entertaining along the way.

You may have other ideas about the purpose though. It’s different things to different people. So add your idea in the comments!

Add your own two cents!

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