Learn to let it flow

heart felt connections in imvuAfter a little while after you start to get comfortable in here with how to move, how to dress and the etiquette, you’ll start to let your thoughts flow straight to the keys. That’s when it’s fun and you’ll understand the potential. You’ll open up and maybe even talk more than you do in real life. I don’t feel like I can be this open and just let things flow as much in real life. It’s just more freeing here, but wait it gets better.

more powerful heartfelt connections than you'll find anywhereAs you let your thoughts flow you start to share things you wouldn’t usually share with anyone, and let emotions flow and all of a sudden you realize you’ve opened up and let your HEART flow. You can’t do this with just anyone. You have to take some time, to be sure they’re trustworthy. Tearing down your walls has to be done one brick at a time at the same time the other person does. If you tear down your walls but they don’t as much you won’t be balanced or have as good of a relationship. You have to really get to know their heart in order to build that heart felt connection.

You’ll know when it happens. You can’t rush it but it does get easier the more you do it. In that regard I think this is a great training program, to some degree. It’s not just your thoughts but your heart and you have to protect that sometimes, but also learn to share it with the right person. caring supportive kissing friends All of this is easier to say than to do, and you’ll make some mistakes and get hurt. And when you get hurt in here it hurts more than most other things because it hurts straight into your heart. That’s why you have to protect it at times, but also open up and share things. All of this may sound crazy and make no sense if you haven’t been here a while. If you think this is dumb or fake, just learn to let your thoughts flow into the keys. You’ll have fun and don’t have to share too much else… yet.

4 responses

  1. I would like to join Wendy in the welcome back to Our Beloved Kaitlyn.

    In the course of my life there have been few people who have reached me, touched me, communed with me, prayed with me, wept, laughed, sung, danced, babbled and debated who have so reached the inner core of my being, of The Being, of the innermost divine self, as has Our Kait.

    We often forget, with notable and public personages like Kait, people who expose themselves not just to their friends and family but to the world, to the glare of publicity, to the slings and arrows endured by any public figure, that they too have private lives. That they too go through triumph and trauma, exhillerationand heartbreak, sickness and health, sadness and joy , just as we all do.

    It is only when they vapourise that we suddenly realise what we have missed.

    People come and go from IMVU, as J. Alfred Prufrock says in T.S, Elliot’s poem by that name, “the women come and go, talking of Michaelangeo”. The reality is that every one of them is missed by someone. Every soul who leaves our amazing little virtual planet called IMVU, everyone whose heart is broken, whose nose is put out of shape, whose sensibilities have been injured, whose ambitions have been thwarted is missed. Sometimes profoundly and sometimes very privately.

    Whatever happens to them.. I speak of Our Sonja, Our Rose, Our Tiffany, Our Rachel,. among many, many others.. whatever happens to Our Beloved Ones when they pass back into that thing we call “Real Life” .. is like unto a death. They are now beyond our reach, our hugs, our kisses, and our most imminent love. The frustration and sadness we feel, the anger sometimes, the worry, the fear that something aweful has happened is heightened perhaps because of the high intensity of emotional connection that Our Kait has oft written about in these very columns.

    Alternatively it is hard to find the words, or the brilliant enough celebration, when they return to us safe and sound. Extasy is hardly sufficient to describe the sensation.

    But then this is one of the things about IMVU that is so amazing. Once we have braced ourselves for the incredible journey we embark on every time we sign on we plunge into a world that is unlike any we have known. A world of Magic, and of unbelievably intense emotion that we otherwise live only in our dreamscapes.

    Welcome home, Kait.. thank you for returning to my dream , to Our Dreams and to the arms of the many who truly truly love you. That Special Magic is Back.. Our Kait is home.

    Blessed be

    September 9, 2013 at 4:40 pm

  2. Holly

    September 10, 2013 at 10:22 am

  3. katy seconds the wow.. so beautiful Miss… so beautiful

    October 6, 2013 at 10:50 pm

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