What happens when you quit?

Kait taking a break from imvuThe grass always looks greener. And sometimes the emotions get too intense and we all feel like leaving at some point. I recently did that and took some time off when Taylor and I broke up. I have a lot of great friends that mean well but it was very hard having to explain it over and over again and have everybody try to fix it and give me advice without knowing the situation. I suspended my account so I wasn’t tempted to go back in and keep answering too many messages.

You think you’re going to be less depressed and less upset if you leave. It is a little bit less intense but unfortunately you tend to think about it for a while and it’s not as much better as you hope it will be at first. But the good part is that with some time things do start to feel better after you have stepped back.

You think you are going to get so much more done if you aren’t in here. At least I sure did. Unfortunately the depression and feelings still linger for a while. Maybe if you have something big to throw yourself at you’ll probably get through it quicker. I really didn’t get quite as much more done as I had assumed that I would. I did play more Candy Crush though.

Music is one of the harder things and tends to remind me of people and places in here. I went and played a little bit in second life just to see what it was like. When you get used to one system though, anything else seems a little bit harder and more confusing, but if I stay with it I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it better.

To me the trick seems to be to stay distracted. When we went away on vacation just for a long weekend down in Wildwood, it was easier to forget things and not feel like I was missing everything. I only lasted a little under a week, but I do feel better and was happy to come back.

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  1. (Copied from Learn to Let it Flow, because I think it’s more appropriate here since this is kind of about coming and going in imvu.) I would like to join Wendy in the welcome back to Our Beloved Kaitlyn.

    In the course of my life there have been few people who have reached me, touched me, communed with me, prayed with me, wept, laughed, sung, danced, babbled and debated who have so reached the inner core of my being, of The Being, of the innermost divine self, as has Our Kait.

    We often forget, with notable and public personages like Kait, people who expose themselves not just to their friends and family but to the world, to the glare of publicity, to the slings and arrows endured by any public figure, that they too have private lives. That they too go through triumph and trauma, exhillerationand heartbreak, sickness and health, sadness and joy , just as we all do.

    It is only when they vapourise that we suddenly realise what we have missed.

    People come and go from IMVU, as J. Alfred Prufrock says in T.S, Elliot’s poem by that name, “the women come and go, talking of Michaelangeo”. The reality is that every one of them is missed by someone. Every soul who leaves our amazing little virtual planet called IMVU, everyone whose heart is broken, whose nose is put out of shape, whose sensibilities have been injured, whose ambitions have been thwarted is missed. Sometimes profoundly and sometimes very privately.

    Whatever happens to them.. I speak of Our Sonja, Our Rose, Our Tiffany, Our Rachel,. among many, many others.. whatever happens to Our Beloved Ones when they pass back into that thing we call “Real Life” .. is like unto a death. They are now beyond our reach, our hugs, our kisses, and our most imminent love. The frustration and sadness we feel, the anger sometimes, the worry, the fear that something aweful has happened is heightened perhaps because of the high intensity of emotional connection that Our Kait has oft written about in these very columns.

    Alternatively it is hard to find the words, or the brilliant enough celebration, when they return to us safe and sound. Extasy is hardly sufficient to describe the sensation.

    But then this is one of the things about IMVU that is so amazing. Once we have braced ourselves for the incredible journey we embark on every time we sign on we plunge into a world that is unlike any we have known. A world of Magic, and of unbelievably intense emotion that we otherwise live only in our dreamscapes.

    Welcome home, Kait.. thank you for returning to my dream , to Our Dreams and to the arms of the many who truly truly love you. That Special Magic is Back.. Our Kait is home.

    Blessed be

    September 9, 2013 at 4:54 pm

  2. What can I say to that?! Thank you with all my heart, not just for your sentiments to me, but all that you are to so many people in this crazy world. I wish my posts were as eloquent, and as deep and meaningful as your comment.

    I feel bad for making people worry when I had to leave for a little bit, but I also can’t tell you how much I appreciate the caring and love my great friends in here! I really mean that!!


    September 9, 2013 at 7:54 pm

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