New IMVU Room controls

I’m not usually one to jump on or get excited about updates. I tend to keep using the old one until it seems like I have to move up. But there are some exciting new features coming out for IMVU Rooms in the new upgrade 490.2. Room owners will now be able to limit access to their room by Age Verification, No Guest, and the most important one, FRIENDS ONLY, as well as Access Pass and VIP as always. This is a great option! I really like this. I downloaded the new version ahead of time to test it out at Here’s what the new panel will look like.

new imvu room controls

I also found a few more new features in the new version. The popup in the corner you get for Friend Requests, does that for all messages now too. And when you invite someone, it gives you a menu of all your rooms to pick what room you want to invite them to. That’s much easier than changing afterwards or changing your default!

snap0172I will say though that it seems to load rooms slower, though it could be just the connection or servers at the moment, I don’t know. Oh and when you have to upgrade soon, DO NOT accept the default option to install the “Value Apps” when you install IMVU. They recommend it because they get paid for it, and it’s the type of programs you do NOT want on your computer. Sometimes I think they come out with new versions just to get more people to install that and get paid for it.

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