The Anthony Weiner affair wasn’t just Virtual

Anthony Weiner Virtual Relationship pictures on imvuI listen to the discussions on the radio here in NY about Anthony’s Weiner new scandal and they’re debating if a virtual encounter is the same thing as a real life one. I know they don’t actually care, they just want to get people talking and stir things up. But Weiner’s affair clearly wasn’t just virtual. It crossed over into real life. It isn’t actually the virtual part that they talk about either it’s the real life part. It’s texting and pictures and phone calls.

Sending pictures texting and phone calls are things that you do in a real-life relationship. They aren’t things that you do in a virtual relationship. They also require sharing your true identity. A virtual relationship is different because you don’t share your identity. That gives you more freedom And allows you to stay focused on things inside that you don’t see on the surface.

Virtual KissesIf you have a virtual relationship and you start to share things outside of that virtual relationship, such as pictures and phone calls, then it is no longer just a virtual relationship and has crossed the line and is becoming a “real” relationship. To me, that’s when it crosses the line from a virtual relationship which isn’t hurting your real life into a real relationship and becomes cheating.

If Anthony Weiner’s relationship was really just a virtual relationship and he hadn’t sent pictures or texted or phone calls then he wouldn’t be in this situation he’s in right now. So to me, it becomes a serious problem when you cross over. The moral of the story is, be very careful about crossing over into real life because you don’t want to end up turning into a Wiener

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