Great Passion helps lots

great imvu love requires passionPassion is important in a real life relationship and its also important in here too. That’s probably obvious in real life but its interesting that it matters so much and so works the same way here.

intense passionIf you had a bad day or your partner did, push their buttons. If you feel distant or like something is missing, take them on a sexy adventure. Be bolder or more passionate or aggressive than you usually are. You might be surprised how much better everything feels when you kick it up a notch or two.

do something different to spark imvu passionOh and here’s another sexy secret. If you don’t usually push much, pushing and saying how much you need them is even more exciting. Whisper in their ear not just that you need them but graphically what you want to do to them. If you don’t usually do this, try it.

You can create the same feeling you get from having sex and get them super excited by describing it as if you were doing it under the guise of saying what you want or what you’re going to do to them. This is one of the sexiest forms of teasing. Try it next time you’re whispering!

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