Susan’s Loving LYN Poem

Lyn girls loving all togetherMy family consists of three
Katy, Kait, and Tay
consistently honoring me
each and every day

Katy is my wife
the cutest of the three
I need her in my life
she fills my heart with glee

Kait’s the selfless one
generous to the core
hot as the mid day sun
her passion I adore
colorful love
Tay is the sweetest thing
with music she melts my heart
it makes me want to sing
i loved her from the start

loving acts each day
showing who they are
incredible things they play
constantly raise the bar

three kind hearts make me weep
there love I cant deny
the love I feel so deep
its happy tears I cry

forever showing their love
selfless as can be
guided from abovepatriotic LYN girls
this loving group of three
if you havent guessed
I get on my knees and pray
thankful im so blessed
each and every day

together or apart
Im truly blessed you see
my angels touch my heart
loving family of three

2 responses

  1. To the composer of this ode, oh so clever a poem.
    My hat goes off, for surely, on all 3 you hit home.
    Of the inspiration I thank you, you of the curly hair.
    I wish to know better, if ever, any time to spare.
    If you could wager on cute, all the prizes I would get.
    With number one, I would be sure to win that bet.
    Then we come to the one I know so well.
    Long ago it was her who cast the spell.
    She makes me smile, she makes me whole.
    I keep her close, deep within my soul.
    Of the last, I hope to have more to convey.
    We’ve only just met, I am embarrassed to say.
    Presumptuous I am, if I make a wish of these four.
    Perhaps someday, there would be room for just one more?
    (or 2?) – lol –

    July 6, 2013 at 10:07 am

  2. Wendy

    Your a real good “poët” and I deffinitely could learn some of you -giggles-. Sometimes I wish I could be there more often to spend time with all of my friends but these messages and the way how you all share their story’s or poetry at IMVU tips gave me so much streght that even when I can’t be there in real I still feel you all close within my heart. I love you all and Susan, you really done a great job and I so love to read your poem…Dutch kusjes across the Atlantic Ocean…-giggling- xxx

    July 19, 2013 at 3:18 am

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