It’s nice to have History

AlexisGB01 dancing with imvu familyTime flies in here and people I knew three years ago seem like almost 2 lifetimes ago. But there’s something special about people you have a lot of history and connection with. I feel like I can trust them and like we have a stronger connection because of it.

The way to take advantage of this is simple. If you don’t delete your old messages, go back through them. Don’t invite random people. Invite someone you used to know but list contact with. An old friend has fewer walls and the history effect will make them predisposed to reigniting.

talking about old friendsIt gives you something good to talk about and they will want to catch up and hear how you’re doing now. It lets you talk about how bad you used to look, or funny/sexy things they did, or even what you liked best about them or how you always had a secret crush on them. All the bad things tend to fade leaving only the good things over time.

a special long time friendEven people who you had an issue with will have forgotten what that was and not care any more. You’ll definitely thank me for this one later. This is an especially good thing to do if you’re on over the holiday and all your friends are away. Go back through your really old messages and you can find old friends that are online even if you’re not friends any more and they’ve changed their name. It’s probably equally quiet for them and it’ll be a good time to reconnect!

2 responses

  1. such amazingly thotful advice. such a good idea to use your messages like that. i’m so bad at keeping in touch.

    July 4, 2013 at 1:20 pm

  2. It’s hard to keep in touch with everyone. We all meet good people that we probably would be very close with in other circumstances. It’s funny how much chance goes into things here, and I guess in real life too. And it’s nice to go back and say hello to people you have history and a connection with.

    July 4, 2013 at 2:22 pm

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