The secret

Lyn girls Katy Susan and Kait togetherI was going to call this the secret to a three way relationship but its also the secret to any group situation. I think it could also be said to be one of the best approaches to all relationships in IMVU. It’s also deceptively simple.

foursome imvu girlsThe secret is to put the other people’s relationships first. I don’t mean in just some ways or when it’s convenient. You have to do it at all times and constantly up lift them and do anything and everything you can to support and help them in every action or conversation. And even then there will be significant tears and pain necessary to balance things. And like most right things its easier to do than to say.

loving on the couchIf you do this though, you’ll make an even stronger structure. You’ll have a core of people you can count on that will make you important relationships stronger. You won’t have just one person putting you first you’ll have two (or more?)

When you think about it, a relationship or marriage is essentially just a commitment to make the other person your priority. The rules may vary but that’s the common core of any marriage or relationship, along with openness and intimacy.
imvu blondes
The alternative ends up hurting everyone involved and pits you against the others. Even if your relationship is stronger than the other you’ll hurt the person you love pulling them apart and causing a lot of pain.

One response

  1. I realized there’s one more aspect of this. Part of loving someone is wanting to make their life and time here better and more special and fun. The flip side of having to put the other two first is that they also have to put you first too, as much as possible. I have to encourage and support them just as much. And when you do this you don’t lose the one you love you lock them in and gain someone else.

    July 4, 2013 at 12:05 pm

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