New Online Service for Virtual Relationships

imvu virtual girfriendsI came across this company cloud girlfriend a little while ago in this article. Ok, the article is a bit old, but its new to me.

It’s interesting, the founders of cloud girlfriend had the idea for a service very similar to what goes on to imvu. Clearly, the popular press didn’t understand, and it became a site for creating a fake girlfriend to make your rl friends jealous. But the original idea is a lot like what we see imvu. virtual relationships A way to be a play and practice at relationships as a more perfect version of yourself. One unencumbered by the constraints of reality.

You can say a lot of things about IMVU but it does give people an outlet and can give you some of the benefits and feelings of a relationship in a safe way. OK, it’s not perfectly safe if you give out too much information, but real life dating isn’t necessarily safer.

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