The worst thing about IMVU

What's Your Super Power in IMVU
I tend to see part of my role here with this blog as showing how much fun IMVU can be, so this isn’t really an easy thing to write about. I love IMVU and do NOT want to complain. I don’t think I’ve ever complained about IMVU publicly before and I’m not doing it now to bash anyone. I admit that there are a lot of bad things about users here. The anonymity that protects people also allows them to be the rudest jerks too. But you can steer away from and avoid them. I’m talking now about the worst thing about the company IMVU itself. If you don’t know it already I don’t work for or represent IMVU at all. I don’t think they even care what I say or do here at all. I’ve been blessed in here with the most amazing friends and have more fun than anyone could ever deserve to have. But unfortunately it’s so fun that people tend to become addicted to it and that leads to a feeling in the corporation that they can do ANYTHING they want to, to their users.

Let me explain my experience with the Daily Outfit Challenge. Unfortunately it seems to be run with the same attitude that the whole company seems to have, earning it the popular nickname IMFU! I saw that the challenge yesterday was “What’s your super power?” and while I have several fun super hero outfits I came up with a cool idea (in the picture below). I made a custom sign, (I don’t dev very much so it took some time but I got it to work) and bought another new outfit. I spent a fair amount of time on it and read and followed ALL the rules. I should also mention that I entered one other time, over a year ago and it was disqualified for some reason that time too, so I tried very hard to make sure I followed all the rules. Unfortunately with IMFU you can honestly follow the rules and still get screwed.

I got the following response:
“Hello, your outfit Super Mom Power title or description contained either your avatar name, or a word/phrase which has been in several of your past outfits. Please remember that this challenge is anonymous. Feel free to enter for tomorrow’s theme!”

My title and description were both “Super Mom Power” so the only word not in the name of the contest is “Mom” which obviously isn’t in my name or at all unique to me. I only talk about my real life with close friends and don’t have “kids” in here. The rules ( specifically say to be creative (5. Outfits named ‘My outfit’ will be rejected. Be creative!) and also not to be off topic.

Super Mom PowerIf by “your past outfits” they mean my previous entries I clearly have absolutely none! At first I guessed maybe they just don’t want people to use themes that have been done recently and Mothers Day was a couple weeks ago. But the leader as I write this is named “Nature Superpower” and looks like it could have been an entry for the challenge just YESTERDAY, “Secret Garden”. Several entries are called Wind Power or are about Flying, though three days before Mothers Day the challenge was “Riding the Wind”. There are a lot of other entries that could fit into challenges earlier this month.

There’s nothing unique to me about the word MOM! I’ve never even entered before! And there’s no rule that says you can’t use a theme or word that was done recently. But even if there was a problem with the title, they could have changed it! Instead they just boot you with no honest or clear explanation. I talked to a couple other friends and it turns out a number of people have entered and been disqualified and just given up.

The point here isn’t that there shouldn’t be rules. And I don’t honestly care about the results of the contest at all. I was only doing because I was proud of being a Mom. I’m not attacking or even mentioning the person that threw me out. The point here is that the contest is administered the same way the whole company seems to be run.

If you want to act like God, you have to treat people more like God would, not like a natzi or dictator would. Unilaterally throwing people out for breaking unwritten rules or things they just didn’t do is wrong. And I’m not just talking about a stupid outfit contest, I’m talking about a very pervasive attitude in all of IMVU. Anyone that’s been here for a while knows exactly what I mean.

To me this is IMVU’s biggest weakness. I understand the need for balance and I want the system to be workable. But you can’t cross over into main stream and build this into what it ultimately could be, if you just keep screwing your customers, without an open accountable system.

5 responses

  1. I posted this message in the Forum about the Daily Outfit challenge. It turned into an interesting discussion. They decided that because I had my family bracelets on, to disqualify me. I actually think it may be run by one of the moderators here. And they seem compelled to defend the system to the death. They said that the rules about anonymity extend down to the item level, not just the outfit level as the rules suggest. And that hidden extends to things that are expensive as well, which the rules also don’t say.

    The bottom line is that there’s a reason why the participation in the Outfit Challenge is steadily declining. It seems like the only people that participate any more are developers trying to get exposure for and sell their items. There’s clearly a lot of cheating, people making a hundred different accounts just to log in and vote repeatedly, at least at the top. And the company doesn’t care about that, or care that the rules aren’t clear or enforced evenly, or that the rejection messages say the completely wrong thing.

    The point though is how this is an analogy for the company as a whole. They give a clear signal of not caring at all about their customers, enforcing very unclear rules unevenly and treating their customer base horribly. I think that’s a real part of the reason why the company isn’t growing like it could, even though the technology is rapidly improving.

    Anyway for what it’s worth, here’s the conversation from the Forum. I’ve changed the names to protect the privacy of everyone else.

    micsmom, May 29, 2013 03:30PM
    the reason you were removed Kaitlyn was because you had 2 products 1 unbuyable to others and 1 made specifically for YOU with YOUR name on it.

    MissyTrove, May 29, 2013 05:03PM

    The point here isn’t that there shouldn’t be rules.

    With an attitude like that, I’m surprised you aren’t on the Leaderboard.

    If you want to act like God, you have to treat people more like God would, not like a natzi or dictator would.

    Do God and the Nazis have outfit contests?

    BeyondBirthdays, May 29, 2013 05:09PM

    > The point here isn’t that there shouldn’t be
    > rules. And I don’t honestly care about the results
    > of the contest at all. I was only doing because I

    1. We need rules otherwise there would be full blown CGI edited pictures and only those with high skills in photo manipulation could win.
    2. Don’t care about contest: write a novel,

    MissyTrove, May 29, 2013 05:10PM

    Unfortunately for many IMVU is so fun that people tend to become addicted to it and that leads to a feeling in the corporation that they can do ANYTHING they want to, to their users.

    To be serious for a moment, I do agree with you here. But the fact is, people ARE addicted. They keep coming back and spending money no matter how poorly IMVU treats them.

    Look at all the poor souls in this group. They know the DOC is monopolized by cheaters, they know IMVU knows about the problem, and they know IMVU steadfastly refuses to do anything about it — yet they STILL spend their money to enter the DOC nearly every single day. To hell with their right to fair treatment, to hell with their rights as consumers, to hell with their own dignity and self-respect — it’s the DOC and they MUST enter!

    What possible reason does IMVU have to ever fix anything? They have absolute certainty that their customer base will keep returning no matter how shabbily it is treated.

    Kaitlyn, May 29, 2013 05:28PM

    No, thats actually not true. A nickname was on a bracelet that I forgot to remove but not my name and nothing was hidden. But that isn’t the point at all. If you’re up front and tell people what the issue is, they can understand and address it. If you send them a reason thats clearly misleading or ambiguous at best, they not only can’t correct it but you piss them off and make them hate the whole system. That’s exactly what imvu does all the time. I think they do it because they feel like being unclear gives them more leeway to do whatever they want to anyone.

    I don’t know if it’s because they can’t afford to take the time to reply appropriately or if they just don’t care. But either way it has the same effect of creating a very bitter customer base. Their message said nothing about any items in the outfit. It said “Your outfit Super Mom Power TITLE OR DESCRIPTION contained either your avatar name, or a word/phrase which has been in several of your past outfits.” [caps added]

    Even if that’s technically why, the point is that the system seems designed to intentionally be unclear (or downright misleading) and discourage people from participating. Maybe that’s what the people that run the DOC want. They certainly give the impression that they don’t care at all about the user, which along with the lack of clarity and openness is exactly the point!

    Micsmom, May 29, 2013 05:52PM

    anything with your name in it or unbuyable to others is against the rules …. and it is true on why you were flagged .. I flagged it I removed it .. here is your proof

    wearing 2 personal items “Kait and gabby” priced 515 CR [] and “The Lyn Bracelet” priced 100,000 CR []

    Notice the 100.000 cr item …. that is unbuyable making it a personal product …. notice the item marked with YOUR name that makes it a personal product. thus the outfit contains YOUR name

    DarkRose, May 29, 2013 05:54PM

    Technically both products have her name on them

    Kaitlyn, May 29, 2013 06:07PM

    Mic, that wasn’t the reason they gave at all. I quoted it for you.

    “Hello, your outfit Super Mom Power title or description contained either your avatar name, or a word/phrase which has been in several of your past outfits. Please remember that this challenge is anonymous. Feel free to enter for tomorrow’s theme!”

    Their reason was clearly either intentionally misleading or shows that they don’t give a ripe about their customers. Either way it has the same effect of discouraging participation. Maybe that’s what the people that run the DOC want. Everyone here seems to agree that they don’t care. I’m just pointing out that their message says very clearly that they don’t care at all about the user, which along with the lack of clarity and openness is EXACTLY THE POINT!

    Micsmom, May 29, 2013 06:12PM

    so basically you are arguing a copy paste message that an automated system send out to you.

    either way you were pulled for a legit reason and the mods do the work without pay and without thanks.

    Kaitlyn, May 29, 2013 06:13PM

    Newsflash: My names not Kait, Bleuedoll, Gabby or Lyn. But they didn’t say that was the issue at all! I’m not argueing the rules, I’m pointing out the net effect. Even if they were technically right, if they do it in a way that doesn’t allow the user to correct anything and just pisses off the people trying to participate, IT’S WRONG!

    6. You must own every product in the outfit, and the products must be visible in the catalog.

    I owned every product in the outfit and the products WERE VISIBLE!!! None of them had MY NAME! It doesn’t say they have to be under a certain price or that they can’t have other names in them! If you want to be technical, I followed the letter of the rules. None of those items were made by me and none had my actual name on them!

    Micsmom, May 29, 2013 06:31PM

    Kait and Kaitlyn …. Kait is part of your name.

    you can continue to argue .. i am done.

    Kaitlyn, May 29, 2013 06:51PM

    NICSMOM, You’re the one trying to make excuses here. By your criteria anything with the name MOM would disqualify you. The point is that their response was intentionally misleading or so unclear that it wasn’t possible for any regular person to see why it was cancelled IF that’s even why. They act like they don’t have to be clear or care about their customers which I believe is the biggest problem with IMVU as a whole. THAT’S THE POINT!

    Kaitlyn, May 29, 2013 06:56PM

    You can ignore this and so can IMVU. They’re good at ignoring things. I mean who’s really gonna care about page 158 in a book complaining about IMVU. My website though gets at least 200 unique visitors a day. So nobody’s gonna see this but a lot of people read what I write about IMVU!

    MissAutumn, May 29, 2013 06:57PM

    Exactly. If Micsmom entered and titled her entry “mom” or wore a necklace that said “mom” she would be disqualified. By wearing two bracelets.. one saying “Kait”, the other saying “lyn” you wore your name in the picture. It is an identifier and against the rules.

    I’ve said it before and will say it again. Just because you know a way around the rule, does NOT mean it is okay.

    ~edited for serious typing issues~

    MissyTrove, May 29, 2013 07:06PM

    Based on my experience here (5 years), IMVU doesn’t have canned responses for every possible scenario. They have maybe two. Or three. “The Daily Outfit Challenge is a themed contest. Your entry ‘Chips Ahoy’ seems to have missed the theme …” or the one you received.

    So big deal. The notice wasn’t accurate. Nobody died, did they? Does the situation really warrant the blood feud you’re pursuing?

    As for what you write about IMVU and however many people read it … the reality is, nobody’s going to remember it or even care.

    Kaitlyn, May 29, 2013 07:59PM

    The point is that what they said, which I quoted several times, is litterally incorrect. And booting someone for violating something that they didn’t do, is what caused the problem.

    You can claim I didn’t follow the spirit of the rules quite enough, but I did follow the letter of the rules. And if the rules mean everything has to be both visible and priced under a certain amount then say it. If you’re not allowed to have items on that mention a name close to your name, then say it. Don’t boot people for these things that aren’t in the rules and tell them it was something else all together.

    My point was very simple. Without a clear and open process, you alienate your users. Booting them for things that aren’t prohibited in the rules and telling them you booted them for something else that they didn’t do, IS WRONG. Whether it’s designed to make users not want to participate or not, is ultimately irrelevant. That’s the effect. And they can do that more in this than they can in most thngs, but it ultimately it does have an effect.

    You can defend the system and it won’t get any better. Or you can actually put the rules that you’re enforcing on the page and be more honest about why you boot somone. Is that so ridiculous to ask??

    DarkRose, May 29, 2013 09:38PM

    Kaitlyn Wrote:
    If you’re not allowed to have
    > items on that mention a name close to your name,
    > then say it. Don’t boot people for these things
    > that aren’t in the rules and tell them it was
    > something else all together.

    They DO say it on the submission page, its a part of rule 9: The challenge is anonymous. Do not include any information in your entry that can help identify it with you (for example, do not enter your avatar name as the outfit name).

    BOTH bracelets you wore broke this rule, even if you had just worn 1 of them you would have been breaking the anonymous rule and would have been pulled

    The copy and paste messages that don’t include the actual reason why that EVERYONE receives when they are pulled do need updating, but you have been told the WHY you were removed now by DOC mods

    Kaitlyn, May 29, 2013 10:03PM

    Well then lets make the rule as strict as your interpretation. It says in the name of the item. It doesn’t say or any items. There’s no suggestion of what you’re saying there. My NAME is not on either of these items. There’s nothing the says anything close to your name counts too, or that it applest to every item you have on. If you want to stretch it to that you to say it. If that was a law, I’d get off. Make the rules say what you are interpreting them to mean because that’s not what it technically says. My name is technically not there. I have never done this before and I didn’t do this to try and get away with anything at all. I’m with with that interpretation, but be clear, don’t assume that new people are going to know that.

    The person making the response obviously wasn’t clear. OK, they made a MISTAKE. And I dont’ care if you want to make the rule not to have anything close, but you have to say it. You can’t just say it says that when it doesn’t. If that’s what it means fix the rule! My point is valid. It doesn’t say that. You can eliminate this problem or you can let it happen again. If the person who sent me the wrong message is sorry, fix the rule so it won’t happen again. It’s simple.

    I see a lot of people here saying they care about the rules and want people to follow them. Yet those same people dont’ seem to care that the rules are so unclear about this. Make the rules and the messages clear. That’s what I was complaining about! You act like I’m trying to get away with something which I wasn’t. I just did what the rules ACTUALLY SAID and read the message I was sent, which was wrong.

    Micsmom, May 29, 2013 10:34PM

    the message is sent by an automated system and has been that way since 2007 …. you want it fixed when even us mod cant get it fixed then by all means go play god and get staff to change it.

    they are not going to make a message for everything individually …. we pull hundreds of outfit every day for various reasons. most fall into more than one category and a message best explaining it i sent out …. yours violated the rule based off your name and your items. they will not make a option for us to send you a message saying it was removed for one bracelet .. another for 2 bracelet another for a tshirt another for a skin … get the point.

    MissAutumn, May 29, 2013 10:57PM

    Seriously… this is old.

    Do NOT include ANY information in your entry – TITLE, PICTURE, DESCRIPTION – that can help IDENTIFY it with YOU (for EXAMPLE, do not enter YOUR AVATAR NAME as the outfit name)

    How much more clearer do you want it?

    Mistake or not, you used items in your entry that spelled out your entire avatar name in your entry.

    The mods don’t look to see how often you have entered in the past, we don’t keep a tally – that’s what your lifetime points are for. Are we supposed to divine out of thin air that this was your first time in 3 years and that it might have been a mistake? Man I wish I could read minds sometimes, because it would make catching people who intentionally cheat a hell of a lot easier.

    We’ve told you why it was removed. It violated Rule 9. If you cannot see that your name being included in your entry in any shape or form is in violation of being anonymous, then we can’t help you any more.

    Just like those that like to interpret the rules as loosely as they can to get around the rules, we’ll interpret them as strictly as we can to stop them.

    There seems to be no telling you that you did in fact include “Kait””Lyn” in your entry – you may not have physically typed it but it was on your outfit information for everyone to see if we had let it pass.

    I am done with this conversation as well.

    Kaitlyn, May 30, 2013 01:26AM

    So Rose, who’s message I saw but don’t see now would be disqualified if she had a Rose or included the word Rose?

    Kaitlyn, May 30, 2013 01:44AM

    micsmom Wrote:
    > the message is sent by an automated system and has
    > been that way since 2007 …. you want it fixed
    > when even us mod cant get it fixed then by all
    > means go play god and get staff to change it.

    My original point is that IMVU doesn’t care that the SYSTEM is designed not to be clear. So you’re certainly proving the point. Even the people that claim to care about the rules don’t seem to care as much about the rules being clear as they like to think that they do.

    I’m saying this not just to vent but because I care about IMVU. I wonder if the people that make excuses for a system that’s broken are really helping or hurting. I come in and say the system is wrong and you say it’ ok because it’s always been that way. The message I got didn’t apply at all, and I followed the rules. You can say that they interepret them to be stronger, but that doesn’t change how it appears to anyone other than the DOC elite. The next person that gets a message telling them the name of their outfit is the issue when it’s not isn’t going to care that they’ve just sent the same message since 2007.

    Most of the people here vent about stuff that’s hard to prove let alone fix and much less black and white. I’m pointing out a clear simple problem with the system and rather than saying, I understand how you feel and we’ll pass it on, the leaders here just try to make excuses claiming they interpret it differently and that message is the same thing they’ve used for 7 years, so therefor it can’t be changed. Thats why it should be changed, not why it can’t.

    DarkRose, May 30, 2013 02:08AM

    Kaitlyn Wrote:
    > So Rose, who’s message I saw but don’t see now
    > would be disqualified if she had a Rose or
    > included the word Rose?

    My message is on the previous page.

    If the product was made especially for me than yes I would be disqualified. I’ve used roses in my entries before and probably used something that had the word “dark” in its products name BUT what you have to be aware of is that the MODS look at EVERY product to check to make sure that people aren’t using personal named products. I wear something that has “dark” in the product title then the MODS will check that product out to see if it was made for me, if it was then I would be disqualified, if it’s not made for me than i wouldn’t be and haven’t been ever – am i correct in that Nics????? this is something that Ive never actually thought about but have done so while we’re on the subject lol

    If I titled the actual contest entry something with “Rose” or “Dark” or even “1” then yes I would be removed, and actually have been just recently for using the theme title in the outfit description that i forgot about

    DarkRose, May 30, 2013 02:14AM

    Kaitlyn Wrote:

    > and I followed the rules.

    No you didn’t, you included something in your entry that had your name on it, that is clearly stated in the rules on the submission page for ALL to see whether they are new to the DOC or been here since it began.

    IMVU Staff have been told that the message system isn’t great and there should be better messages actually giving the reason why an entry gets pulled. It takes YEARS for them to do ANYTHING to help make the DOC better. Your’e just ranting about something that has been discussed MANY times and listed in a list of suggestions taken to IMVU staff on numerous occasions. If you want them to be made aware of this issue with the messages send in a help ticket giving them the suggestion again

    You will simply find that they don’t care

    Kaitlyn, May 30, 2013 08:00AM


    It doesn’t say that only using items that were made for you aren’t allowed. The Lyn bracelet wasn’t made for me. The standard you’re applying to justify they’re actions with me would have to mean that you couldn’t use something with the word Rose. When the shoe’s on the other foot it’s obviously wrong. When it’s some new person that just walked in and you want to justify the stupidity of IMVU you can make excuses!

    Just seems a little hypocritcal to me…. :)

    Kaitlyn, May 30, 2013 02:01PM

    So you’re saying that the anonymity requirement goes down to the product level (which the rules don’t actually say). But then how come they let LuxyKara the 1st place winner have 13 products with her FULL name on them. I only had two items with a part of my name on them. So I was actually much more annonymous than she is. You can’t look at her outfit and not immediately know who that is. Her names on every item! I understand that’s the idea because she wants to sell stuff but you can’t say it applies to me when I only had part of my name which you couldn’t clearly match up to my imvu name. She’s like a walking billboard screaming it!

    So are you hypocrites or were you just trying to justify what I said was wrong?

    Kaitlyn, May 30, 2013 02:57PM

    I guess the difference is that I don’t answer to IMVU. My point wasn’t to try to get anything fixed or done. I’m not really bashing them either. I’m one of the biggest and most vocal proponents of it with my website. My point was just to show what I think the biggest underlying problem is not just with the contest but with the IMVU corporation.

    You don’t have to admit anything. I realize you can’t admit or say much along those lines. You have a place and role here in their Forums and I respect that. I’m sure that nobody knows the shortcomings of the system at least regarding the contest better than you do, and I know you would improve it if you could. I guess this is just why it’s important to have some independent analysis because I guess I can point out a weakness of the system better than you can from the inside here.

    The discussion has been helpful and ultimately illustrated not only the problem I was pointing out, but why it’s hard to fix from the inside. The biggest evidence of what I was pointing out is the trend of the submissions. There were only 89 entries in the Superpower one. Unfortunately imvu isn’t growing much and some things like the Outfit Challenge are going downhill, despite the resilancy we mentioned above. So whether or not you are able to admit anything, the ultimate proof of my point shows up loud and clearn in the numbers.

    Thanks for the discussion and input!


    May 29, 2013 at 5:02 pm

    • Anonymous

      Wat do you do when you give someone your password and they hack you and she isn’t online to tell you the password cause it happened to me she was my friend and it was on my other account penelopie and I need help gettin my avatar password

      July 20, 2014 at 7:15 pm

      • Try logging in and use the forgot password option. If that doesn’t work contact IMVU customer service. If you’re vip call them too if they don’t answer the support ticket after 24 hours. You’ll need to give them your name, cc if you used one, birthday and email address and they’ll give you the password or reset it I think.

        July 20, 2014 at 7:21 pm

  2. My freind honesty102 need my password and I gave it to her but I didn’t know she could change it and it’s on my other account qpenelopie can you please see if you can see what she changed it to please I’m crying my eyes out😩😩😩😥😫😩😫😩😫😥😥💔

    July 20, 2014 at 7:21 pm

    • I’m not customer service. (I can’t hardly even get them to answer my support tickets) But try the forgotten password option and if that doesn’t work submit a support ticket for it. If they don’t answer it after 24 hours call them (if you’re VIP and in the US or Canada).

      July 20, 2014 at 7:24 pm

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