Imvu and Vacations

dirtyroleplaygirl showing me her new dungeon sex room with machine and new poses (13)Vacations can be an issue when you’re really addicted. I admit I’ve had trouble tearing myself away at times for vacations. I know I’m sick. I’ve sat out on the balcony late at night on vacation more than I want to admit. I even remember this on small hotel room in Disney where I sat on the bathroom floor till I couldn’t stand up.

Internet connections can also be such a pain. One hotel had free Internet but it was so slow it barely worked at all. I could load a room that i had opened recently and had in cache, if I waited long enough but everyone stayed as Granny Ghosts. It was such a pain. It definitely made me miss everyone! We all go away but absence does make the heart grow fonder, and I’ll certainly be here waiting for you when you get back. The picture below to the left was just friends talking about missing Katy when she was away. We’re all so glad she’s home and missed her a LOT!

missing katyI try not to let my addiction affect my plans too much but it’s hard not to think about that when we talk about summer vacations and plans. I know we all need a break and I need to get away sometimes, but honestly I’m happier staying home than I used to be. Most people will probably think this just shows I’m a fool, but promise you I’m the happiest fool you ever met!

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