What to expect in IMVU

imvu fun lion king dancingWelcome to my secret life, my inner smile, my souls retreat, my love, my heart. This isn’t just a game or a toy. It’s more real than a reality show, more emotional than a soap opera, more passionate a brothel.

You’ll meet zombies and dragons and people from every corner of the world. You’ll dance with cats and vampires and You’ll laugh so hard your cheeks hurt and cry your heart out. You will fall in love and it’ll fall apart in a heart beat. Then you’ll fall in love all over again.

You’ll find what you didn’t even know needed and experience more emotion than you ever thought possible. do the imvu dance with people you love It’s a fantasy and a dream that you’ll never want to leave. You’ll lose more sleep and have more sexy clothes than you ever thought possible.

You’ll make friends and laugh and cry. You’ll really communicate more than you can with even your best friends in real life. You’ll make mistakes and get hurt and hate it at times. But watch out because you’ll get addicted to it too.

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