In a virtual world Symbolism is more real

say you love you in imvu with silly thingsSymbolism means more in here than it does in the real world. Maybe it’s because it’s all symbolic, therefore it’s just as real as anything else. Maybe it’s because we don’t have the little mundane things in here. But giving things that mean something is a big deal. Susan is also the best at showing how much she loves with awesomely cute little little products. Don’t worry about being overly mushy or sentimental, be bold and show how much you love them. It can also be things you wear. It’s very special to have a necklace or bracelet, or tattoos that mean things. Katy is one of the best at that. She always had special ribbons and bracelets and she even gave me my LOVE necklace that I’ve worn since then.

taylor with bleuedoll family braceletI wear a butterfly clip and butterfly tattoos because she loved butterflies. I wear a very special best friend bracelet from Gabby. I wear Susan’s name tattooed on my feet, that Kim made for me. I wear a special Lyn bracelet and locket with special pictures. It can also be giving someone a key to let them come into a semi private room or making a secret code that only they know. All of these things are important in here and help to build meaningful relationships, and the word BUILD is key. All of these things take time and make people feel close and loved.

Earlier today Gabby did something for Taylor that was very special. She gave her a family bracelet, making her a part of the family. One of the most wonderful things to me is the feeling of belonging that I get. It really is a family. There’s just no other way to describe it. It’s definitely one of the best feelings in the world being a part of that, strong loving group. And it’s even more special to welcome someone that I LOVE.

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