It never gets old…

sexy imvu demons

I don’t know if it’s the variety of situations, places, people, looks, sexy outfits, or the lack of mundane chores, or responsibilities but this just never gets old. I was telling a friend that she’s in the best part of a relationship, the fun exploring, learning and getting to know each other part of a new love. But honestly I still feel that, maybe even more than ever. I not only feel that heart pounding love but all of passion you’ve shared, the anticipation, the desire to please them on top of the variety makes it constantly new and intensely meaningful every time.

chained in loveIt not only doesn’t get old, but it keeps getting better and better every day. At first I laughed when Susan said that and thought to myself it doesn’t get any better than this. Then the next few times she said that, I thought well, ok but this time it can’t get any better. Then I thought OMG, how could it ever get any better. At this point, I give up. It’s better than anything ever, but I’m resigned to it just continuing to get better and better.

fairyflyingMaybe it’s the people I know. In fact I’m sure that’s got to be a big part of it. I’m so amazingly blessed it’s not funny. Your actual mileage may vary! But I can say this, it CAN keep getting better and better if you both work at it. I also want to say that although this is just my personal experience, not a study at all, but aside from the endings which can vary, the middle exciting loving part of every relationship seems to be better than the middle part of the last one. None of these things are easy to explain, but trust me. If you stick with it, open up and love with all your heart, it doesn’t get old and at least in some cases, certainly seems to keep getting better and better!

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