loving my best imvu friends

I got the most wonderful message today. Ok, it was four messages actually but it described very honestly and beautifully the pure IMVU Love that I had to share it. It wasn’t just about me, but I took the other names out. I hope more than anything that you get to experience this IMVU LOVE on this level too.

In some ways, Imvu lets me be more real than real life! In my real I have walls up on your emotions. I could never tell most (any?) of my real friends, how I really do love them. In imvu is no problem!! lol I love that about it. I love that I can even write this message. That I can love you so much in my heart of hearts and I can tell you that I do and it feels soooo good!!! I can let you know all my inner feelings and stuff so easily where would be next to impossible in real.

Fairy Love in mountainsThis is such a magical place with so many good people (YOU) and I can really be so loving. In my real life I always look forward to going here and seeing you and my friends here. Where I can be a fairy or anything, and share honestly with you, and not have to worry if someone will think you are weird or crazy or whatever. lol I have never been able to be so……..emotionally involved or maybe so open or maybe so loved or maybe so human??????

Whatever it is, I never want it to stop. I never want to stop loving you! Ever!! Another thing about here is that I love you yes, I need you, and I love making love with you more than anything!! There is NO jealousy, or any of that stuff that goes with a relationship in real. I just want you to be happy in whatever you do and that makes me happy too. It is such an awesome feeling, – to love with all my heart but without all the bad stuff. Like PURE love!! lol – I love you and all my imvu friends!

imvu love hugI know and can feel your love for me and it just makes me so happy that you do and if you have these feelings for others that is wonderful too. It’s wonderful for them that they have someone as nice as you to love them too!!! I am happy for them and you!! I do not think this could happen in real like this. :) I hope I am not talking too much again! but I think you know what I am feeling, I think if anyone does it’s you! and I love you for that too!! LOLOLOL!!! or maybe….. I have finally crossed the REALLY crazy threshold in here! Oh well back to vacuuming but smiling with YOU!

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