Ally at Geisha School – Part 1

Ally's Geisha chores role play in imvu

((Ally’s account of her  first day of chores at Geisha School))

Ally wandered past the bakery snickering at her sister who had to bake a ridiculous amount of pies breads and sweets for the shop in town that day. “Sucker” she giggled as she wandered out side and down the walk. It was a bright Sunday day with a cool breeze. The recent rains had washed the home and left everything vibrant and green. It was a much better prospect than working inside covered in flour and slaving away over a huge stove. Ally strode down the lane staring at the clouds and the mountains in the distance. Life was not too bad she thought happily…and then she saw the garden. 

Weeds…weeds everywhere, like a small green army they had taken over the garden and multiplied like an invading force of green pointy soldiers. Ally stared in dismay…who had weeded last? Surely they had done a better job than this…surely it had not been ignored. She swore softly and the clamped her mouth shut. Swearing was definitely not allowed. The blonde girl looked around for a tool…and realized there was none. Great she muttered in annoyance, now she had to get on her hands and knees and pull out the weeds by hand. Like her dress wasn’t dirty enough. She glances up ruefully at the house. Okasan and Madame had such pretty dresses and clothes. They didn’t have to pull weeds and work in the garden. Some of the other girls that had gone to the lore had gotten their own kimonos made of nice silk and bright colors…Ally’s dress was brown…not brownish or brown with a subtle green back ground…just endless drab brown. Meh, she muttered putting the thoughts out of her mind.

She dropped to her knees and began to tug and pull at the offending weeds. After an hour or so she stopped. The clouds had disappeared and the sun was shining brightly and now much hotter. A fine sheen of sweat had formed and was trickling down her face and forming between her cleavage. She glanced around to make sure she was alone and pulled her top don a little to let some air in there fanning it in and out. The air cooled the seat against her lithe body and sent a chill up her spine. She held the shirt open and stood. She arched her back hearing it pop and crack and glanced up at the house. Her eyes widened as she saw Madame Rachel watching her, a look of bemusement on her face. Ally squeaked and adjusted her dress back in to place. Ally waved sheepishly and The Madame nodded and disappeared from the door. Ally blushed red and stared at the kitchen part of the house. She swore she thought she could hear laughter coming from the kitchen.

pretty Geisha girl in imvu“Katy better not be having a good time” Ally mumbled to herself and with a sigh of resignation returned to the war against the weeds. Finally after another hour or so of crawling around fin the dirt she arose from the garden triumphant. The ground was strewn with dead weeds up rooted bit none stood up for the ground, the garden looked very presentable. She smiles happily well…that was done…time for a bath….oh…dumb Ally she though smacking herself , a little too hard, in the head. Madame had said the trellis was damaged too. Oh well it can’t be that bad she mused to herself and wandered over to the trellis. Her shoulders slumped and she stared despondently at the trellis… Apparently the storm had decided the trellis need a good beating because it was a wreck.

Ally poked and prodded the structure with her feet seeing if it could just be shoved back together but it didn’t look like it was feasible.
“My life sucks” she moaned.

Sighing she glanced around and saw a few sacks of some seed or what not that had been stacked. She went and sat on them looking at the trellis in dismay. She didn’t know how to fix this. Ugh she whined, hammers and nails and banging and all that. Weren’t boys supposed to do this? Wasn’t she supposed to be training to become a geisha and flow effortlessly around in pretty clothes and nice shoes telling funny stories and being fawned over? Geishas didn’t pull weeds and fixed trellis…did they? Maybe Madame would fawn over her…they would sip wine together and then maybe Madame would want a massage and they would go to her large room where she had a very large and very comfortable bed and…Ally stared dreamily at the sky letting her mind wander to more important and entertaining possibilities. She was snapped to attention by her name being called out. Okasan was standing at the door calling her name. Ally blushed and standing up went to see what she wanted.

“What are you doing girl?”
“Ummm…fixing the trellis” Ally responded, looking at the ground and her shoes and everywhere but Okasan
“Are you now? And how is that going. That bag of seed helping you do that very well?
“Uhh…no” Ally responded somewhat lamely
Don’t be lazy Allyson.” Ally flinched as she only got called Allyson when she was in trouble “Now please get back to work. Your sisters arealmost done. And remember if you not done by dinner you won’t get any.”
“No dinner!?” Ally protested “But that’s not fair I think…” she was cut short by a flash from Okasan’s eyes that meant she was treading dangerous ground. “Yes Okasan” Ally responded meekly “I’ll make sure I’m done.”

With a sigh she headed back to the garden, but not before she heard her sister laughing about some new joke that she and Faye had discovered. There probably eating pie Ally decided which to her was very inappropriate while she had to repair stupid trellises.
“Your sisters are almost done” Ally grumbled in a very poor imitation of Okasan’s voice

Ally wandered to the shed and looked for some tools. She found a hammer and nails and headed out the trellis to begin repairs. Banging away she let her mind drift to her time at the home. The other girls the kindness she had been shown…the food….mmm the food she mused before hitting her finger with the hammer
“Oooow!!” she cried shaking her hand in pain. In her mind she heard Okasan reprimanding her “That’s what happens when you don’t pay attention”
“Yes Okasan” she mumbled out loud and went back to work making sure to be more careful. To her credit she only hit her finger 4 or so more times.

After she had worked for another 2 hours ally heard a snide comment behind here.
“Having fun?” Ally glanced behind her and narrowed her eyes at her sister Katy who swas standing watching.
“Yes” Ally declared defiantly “Are you? Working in the kitchen with all the hert and fire and flour. sounds… delightful.
“Well it is” Katy responded
“Well so is this” Ally shot back
The two stared at each other for a second and then Katy shrugged meaning the jabs were done. “I’ll see you at dinner sis, love ya
Ally smiled and yelled, “Save us an extra pie, well eat it later.” Katy merely waved.
Ally watched her sister wander off and mumbled. “Brat”, and then went back to work not seeing her sister stick her tongue out at her.

After a while longer she finally decided the trellis was good enough. She stepped back and looked at the garden. Freshly weeded, the dirt was dark brown and nicely cleaned. The trellis stood straight and sturdy. All in all not a bad job. Ally glanced at the sky and realized it was starting to darken
“Mmm” she thought “dinner.” Maybe sis had made an extra pie she and Ally could sneak off and eat together later that night. Dirty, sweaty and feeling accomplished Ally strode back up the house with a decided air of one who had done some good work that day.

As she approached Madame Rachel wandered by and glanced up and at the filthy girl.
“Hello little one.” she smiled. “Did you do well out there?”
“Yes Madame” Ally responded beaming proudly
“And did you have fun?”
“Oh of course” Ally responded cheerfully “I always have fun working in the yard.”
The Madame arched an eyebrow and shook her head softly. Ally’s ability to endlessly complain and then later believe her day had been amazing was …unique. “Well go get cleaned up. Dinner is soon. I believe were having pie for dessert, I know you’re fond of that.” Ally clapped happily and danced down the hallway leaving a trail of dirt in her wake. As she disappeared around the corner, Corinndla strode out and looked at the mess in dismay.
“I just cleaned this” she called after Ally angrily, who by then was already gone

4 responses

  1. Quids, You really need to become a writer if you are not already? I cannot wait till the next chapter! :) I love that you bought a ribbon for Ally! Her trademark! lol

    March 27, 2013 at 11:54 pm

    • She’s just as amazing in real time in here too! ;)

      March 28, 2013 at 9:28 am

  2. aww, thanks. though ally wrote this entry. she’s awesome too. but yes, I did add the ribbon part. sorry I should have made that more clear.

    March 28, 2013 at 2:52 pm

  3. Tears stream down Okasan’s face, speechless, humbled beyond words.

    November 26, 2014 at 7:20 pm

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