Thrilled to death when people come back

when people return to imvuThis post is for anyone that ever leaves and feels bad coming back. I haven’t left and come back but I think people sometimes worry how people will look at them. I can’t speak for everyone and if it’s a long time sometimes the situation may be very different. But I’ve never been anything but thrilled to see someone come back that I was afraid had left or close to it.

The Prodigal Son always seemed to fit. I feel like having a party when great friends come back. Oh another lesson here is that, people who have been solid and committed may leave but often come back if you hang in there. Time is a great healer. Even if you had issues and were upset with people over time the hard feelings and concerns dissipate and the good feelings and connectedness seems to last.

The main point is that if you do leave, don’t feel bad or worry that you might not be able to come back. Some people’s situations might change, but the feelings always seem to be all good. I admit I’ve only had this a couple times, so I can’t say it’s totally a rule or 100% the case, but it always seems to work that way at least to me.

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