We come for the sex but stay for the people.

the prettiest most amazing girls in imvu
OK, maybe we ALL don’t come for the sex but most people probably do to varying degrees. I don’t mean to over generalize or say that’s why everyone comes here. Some people don’t go beyond that too.  But the real value here is the people, the relationships, the Love. This probably seems obvious to a lot of us in here, but almost nobody outside of IMVU sees how much is really going on in here.

I think maybe I was ultimately what I was looking for this deeper side, but just didn’t realize it.  I thought I came here because I wanted to feel sexy again. Maybe it’s because I could understand how this could make you feel sexy, but who would ever believe you could feel this truly loved and get such a feeling of friendship and belonging from a computer.

The truth is though that you can and if you stay here long enough, and really get into this you probably will too. It’s obviously hard to predict even what you’ll be doing here from one hour to the next but as you learn to open up, you will have the most amazing journey. You’ll have ups and downs at times, but opening up and loving is the most rewarding thing I’ve felt. In some ways I think that’s almost what what real life is about too. It’s just that there are so many more little issues in real life, it’s harder to see sometimes. Whatever it is, I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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  1. This is so true, you really need to stick it out on here. When I first signed on here I did not know what was going on at all as I am sure most noobies do not. The first chat invite I went to the girl was naked and sitting on the bed. I asked her why she invited me and she said “why do you think?” Then one of the very next invites I went to the girl said ” want to have sex?” I said ” My, you sure know how to get to the point! Can I have your name first?” know what she said? ” want to have sex?” lol Needless to say I was thinking that everyone on here was here just for that. Then I met someone who did not try to remove my skirt in the second sentence of our relationship. Actually, she was very sweet and she had been on here much longer than I had. (noobie that I was) She swept me off my feet and it was a wonderful feeling to be in love! ♥ She brought me to many interesting places and in one place she gave me a ring and I actually cried in real! I could not believe how deep and emotional your feelings could be on here. She and I have since moved on and I have made many really good and true friends. I hope that you new comers keep looking for that special friendship that you can make on here. When you find it, you will see how beautiful it can be!

    March 22, 2013 at 6:44 pm

  2. Collettelilac love and passion with Collette on sunset hill hearts and sunsets kissing (7)Unfortunately a lot of people don’t get it and the value you get out of here depends a lot on the people you meet which is so random and varies so much. It can be intensely amazing or just dumb. There really are a lot of absolutely wonderful people though. I guess we all have to go through the dumb a little but stick with it and hold on tight to the good people. PS. I’m holding on to you too….

    March 23, 2013 at 10:51 am

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