Intense emotions and struggles in Geisha School Part II

Katy sitting on the bridgeThe afternoon sun sank quietly toward the rippling water as Katy sat with Okasan on the edge of the bridge. It was an unusually warm winter’s day as they gazed out quietly contemplating the dancing tree branches and the rippling waves murmuring like flapping bird feathers.

“I read your story child,” Okasan begins, eliciting a rosy red blush that Okasan would bother reading Katy’s sad scribblings, “it is unfinished.”

Nodding embarrassed, blushing badly, Katy tries to speak but words do not come. “It’s ok child, go on, you have chores to do, you can finish it later.” Bringing her hands together before her lips, and giving an awkward little bow so deep she almost tips over, Katy just barely catches her fall. “Yes Okasan, the primroses bloom with such fierce intensity this evening…” as she collects herself quickly and hurries back into the castle, carrying the sacks of flour and sugar she had acquired using the ration cards, back from town.

Walking up the long stone path, she exchanges a jape with her sis Ally busy in the garden. As Ally turns back to the trellises, Katy makes sure no one else is around and sticks her tongue out at her sister, glad she gets to be indoors, away from the icky dirt and the mud. Though she composes herself quickly, feeling the omnipresent gaze of Okasan on the back of her neck.

As Katy finally arrives into the warm embrace of the kitchen, breathlessly carrying the heavy bags, she finds that Meadow had already begun preparing the ovens and was busy slicing and sugaring the apples and berries. Katy’s pale skin glistens from the exertions and the heat of the hearth. She quickly busies herself kneading the dough, the repetitive motions lulling her into a hypnotic daze, as her mind roams and daydreams, wandering into her childhood.

Katy is amazingShe thinks about how much things have changed from her years as a gamine embassy brat, stealing into the kitchen to sneak fresh baked eclairs, or listening to saucy stories from the embassy scullery maids. Although the kitchen work is a departure from her childhood of mischief and leisure, she finds comfort in the honesty and simplicity of her labours. Her thoughts wander some more but as has happened all too often all too easily, her daydreams are drawn into darker climes, from rosy childhood days into bleak prison camp nights: preparing schnitzel for officer soirees, receiving beatings for imagined slights, and then afterwards, always afterwards, summoned for … entertainment…

The tears that dripped down her face splashing onto the floured wooden table top awaken Katy from her reverie. Meadow looks over with concern, as she finishes the last of the 43 round little loaves of dough for the oven. Meadow moves to console her, but before she can be touched, Katy runs quickly from the warm kitchen, almost knocking over a stack of dirty bowls. Running to the coldest darkest corner of the castle, dropping to the floor, curling up into a tight little ball, she soon finds herself rocking, quietly, rocking back and forth. Reminding herself to write all this down later for Madame and Okasan, but for now Katy merely sobs… weeping and remembering as she cries.

4 responses

  1. All i can say through my own tears is WOW. !
    Pretty beautiful and very intense prose . I only want to hear more of this story.
    Please continue.

    Mss Hollybelle

    March 16, 2013 at 10:35 pm

  2. aww, thank you thank you! it was so much fun to write. actually onto part 6 right now.. the rest will be posted.. its amazing what imvu is capable of. lots of different rp communities but this one was great for me. it nicely combined rp, but with learning actual stuff.

    March 17, 2013 at 2:18 am

  3. ((here were a couple follow ups to the above story. mostly reacting to ally’s story which will be posted soon and others reactions as well))

    Katy’s Story part II.b

    Katy awoke hours later in the dead of night, finding herself somehow in her bedclothes, tucked snuggly into her bed. The last she remembered, she was curled in a ball on Okasan’s lap in the parlor. Her heart was filled overflowing suddenly by the overwhelming kindness that had been shown, and guilt for the burden she has placed on her Radiant Rose family. Struck by inspiration, Katy pulled on her dress and a warm cloak over her night shirt, and stalked off quietly into the shivery night. Descending the castle steps, she sees all the diligent work done on the gardens and feels another pang of guilt over how she treated her adopted sister. But Katy is on a mission; finding the cluster of wild yellow primroses she had seen growing by the castle wall, she searches patiently in the wan moonlight for the prettiest evening bloom. Clipping off three, Katy is careful to leave the rest undisturbed.

    The prettiest flower she leaves in front of Okasan’s door. The next she leaves in front of the room that belongs to Madame Rachel. The third she leaves on Meadow’s bedside table in the girls dormitory giving the sleeping girl a very gentle kiss as she whispers “thank you.”

    Finally, Katy scurries to the still warm kitchen where she had stowed an especially made pie in the corner of the pantry. Warming her chilly hands over the hearth, she grabs two forks and a slice, and slips silently on bare feet back into the girls’ bedroom. Finding sis Ally snoring gently in bed, she crawls under the blankets, curling up behind her, spooning her lovingly like they used to to keep warm when they were hiding together in alleys and street corners. Ally stirs awake grumpy about the late night intrusion, but her eyes soften as she sees Katy with the plate of pie. “Apple with good Irish Cheddar baked into the crust! You didn’t think I forgot did you” whispers Katy brightly. “Cheddar… Ewwwww!” Ally makes a face…

    But all is quickly forgiven as the two girls giddily finish the slice to the very last crumb. Curling up together again under Ally’s blanket, for the first time in a very long while, Katy drifts peacefully to sleep

    Katy’s Story Part II.c

    Katy, still awed and inspired by Myshiru’s demonstrations, and frustrated at her own inadequacies, waits until the classroom has cleared. Glancing out the door, making sure the hallway is empty, knowing she would be mortified if anyone was watching…

    The quiet girl steps softly, shuffling, to the solemn shoji door.
    Bending her knees, kneeling as a willow in the wind,
    Her left hand alights on soft cedar frame,
    As the door slides open one third, wood-body moving as one.
    Into the room, unbending, she soundlessly slips,
    Her body sweeps a circular turn,
    Her skirts swishing softly round silent feet,
    Eyes turned, descending demurely down.
    Kneeling again, hand returning to warm cedar frame,
    The door closes wordlessly, hand following wood.
    She rises silently into the room.

    And then she repeats. And then she repeats again. Rising and falling, over and over, until her knees are tired, and her body weary. The door opening and closing, noiselessly, not disturbing the quiet of the castle at night. Until she collapses into a heap, exhausted, too tired to pull herself to bed.

    March 22, 2013 at 2:00 pm

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