Why is drama necessary?

we look so politeThat’s a dumb question in some ways. Drama is bad and never wanted. But in some ways it’s kind of necessary. Why is a struggle necessary in a movie? Why is some pain in our lives necessary. That doesn’t mean we seek it out but I think if you realize in some ways that it has a role it can be easier to take.

A great friend of mine said that some ripples are good because they let her know she’s alive. That doesn’t mean anyone wants things to blow up. But an occasional storm does make us stronger. I would never say I like drama. But it does happen sometimes no matter imvu dramawhat and when it does, look for the silver lining and try not to freak out, Kait!

Oh did I tell you this is advice to myself? I’m ok with things from the outside but tend to have trouble with issues from the inside. And not only is this advice easier to say than to do, but its also easier to take when someone else says it than when you said it. So I reserve the right to occasionally not follow my own advice here.

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  1. oh.. ha. that reminded me. i think i wrote a similar post a while back.. it should still be in the drafts. there’s also another draft in there about geisha school part 2


    March 6, 2013 at 1:31 pm

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