We all need a break some times

taking a break from imvuWe realize this in real life and we almost all take some form of vacation from time to time. We may not get to take them all over the world every month or two like the president, but its helpful to have some time away occasionally. Imvu is an escape but it can be emotionally very intense and sometimes we need an escape from this escape. So it’s very understandable to need a break sometimes.

The good news is that the love and good feelings tend to last and the anxiety fades quicker. It generally only takes a couple days. It can help you think more clearly to let some of the emotionality out and can help you appreciate things more.

So if someone you love us under a lot of pressure and says they need a break, don’t worry or freak out. Look at it as a good thing. It’s just a pause to catch their breath, to rebalance and sharpen their axe. This isn’t a race. Loving someone means putting their needs first and wanting what’s best for them. So take a deep breath and love them with all your heart when they come back.

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  2. yea, emotions can be so intense, this is very good advice. relationships do need work and constant tending but absence does also make the heart grow fonder. and allow some emotional breathing room and balance with rl. i suppose the trick is finding the balance.

    March 22, 2013 at 2:33 pm

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