Don’t beat yourself up

imvu bondage stockadeThis crazy place can be so much fun but it can also make you beat yourself up pretty bad. It’s designed to give you anonymity but that also means it requires some faith too.

We tend to fill in what we cant see with positive things when we’re happy and loving but we also fill in the parts we don’t see with negative things when we get down. And unfortunately that means it’s easy to imagine the worst and beat yourself up or let doubt eat you up.

It takes some faith to get along smoothly. It also takes some forgiveness and some effort. It takes some commitment and some fortitude. But it’s more worth it than I can possibly tell you. Hang in there, learn from everything and don’t beat yourself up.

Someone just told me I over glamorize her life. That’s probably true. I think we all tend to imagine everyone else happier and having more fun than us. We compare our weaknesses to their strengths and only see the holes not the good things we really do have.

I think this is even more true of women than men. Men seem to have a healthier ego sometimes although maybe that’s just me assume they’re all stronger and having more fun like I was talking about. The bottom line is that this isn’t real and should be fun. Don’t best yourself up. Enjoy this and the journey. Love with all your heart and focus on all that you have not the one thing you think you don’t.

2 responses

  1. zandaime

    True words of wisdom. 6/5

    February 6, 2013 at 4:21 pm

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