Have fun with it.

imvu superbowl partyMake your life in here reflect what you like in real life. Be expressive and have Fun! You can be anything you want to in here so have fun with it. Ham things up, and be bold and decisive. I’m not really into football, but hey, any excuse for a party! IMVU is about relationships and relationships are built on shared emotions. And the drama of a good game can be a lot more fun if you share it. Just like it’s more fun to watch a game at a bar full of fans than it is at home by yourself, it’s more fun to watch it with friends in here. There’s also no cover charge and you can yell and scream all you want.

So even if you’re not a giant fan you can still have a lot of fun at a party in here. You don’t have to be a huge fan to dress up and have fun in here. Don’t just sit there by yourself. Watch the game together and have a good time! If you’re shy and new rooms make you nervous this is a great opportunity and excuse to get out and have a good time. Or if you’re not into football come in here and have your own good time while your fan is preoccupied.

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  1. it does take a while to figure out how to have a good time here. I took me a few months to learn. people often ask since it all comes down to just chat. why not use yahoo instead.

    but then my answer is if you’re meeting a friend just to talk, we have our favorite places, a park, a coffee shop, a museum. and it feels different to chat in each of those places. and then, a lot of activities we do in rl, like hiking, or art galleries or concerts, part of it is the physicality of being there, but imvu gives you a lot of benefit as well, the sights, and sounds, and even once you learn to identify with your avatar, the feeling of being there.

    March 22, 2013 at 2:55 pm

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