The greatest thing in IMVU is Love…

ArtisanBleueDoll quidlyn talking in Kims strom mountain room when I woke up this morning (1)1Suzilyn morning after talking with Susan in hug room but not feeling better and i will have to take some time off (4)Don’t just pretend to love people in here, really love them. Love them full, love them with all your heart. Don’t hold anything back, love in a forgiving, patient, and nurturing way. Love in a respectful humble gentle way. Love them through the tears. Even though you will fall sometimes, love with no limits or strings. Love the person behind the keys. Love the spirit you can see and feel in here.
ArtisanBleueDoll Allysonblackrose dancing a little in Kims home then going through her portal (7)GabrielleBleueDOLL ArtisanBleueDoll saying hello in the morning to Gabby in Kims zen room (2)

Real life gets complicated and it’s hard to talk about some things and share true love very often. But one of the most amazing things in IMVU is how you can open up and share so much. Be bold, be passionate, Love like an ocean and pour out your love. Be a light in your circle and shares such an overwhelming LOVE that nothing else matters. This isn’t just a place for fun and it’s more than a game. It’s a way to connect and share. ArtisanBleueDoll quidlyn TaylorTales GabrielleBleueDOLL StephanieLovesPinkxx Rapid81 dancing talking hanging out at Kims storm moutain (7)Misterysweetlove talking and cuddling with Wendy in the star room (1) Share something great.

Some people think IMVU is about sex, but they’re only seeing part of it. Sex is part of Love. It often makes you feel loving, and certainly makes you feel more in love than even the best non interactive porn does. Love is more than just Sex though, it requires intimacy, openness, and an emotional Allysonblackrose saying hello and cuddling on the bridge with only a few minutes before church (3)connection. Collettelilac intimacy and more passion pleasing her in the firefly hug room (2)I’m not sure if it’s good or bad but I know that this is the tip of the iceberg. Manti Teos showed that the main stream society doesn’t get this but that’s partially because the people that do it generally have to be quiet about it. They scoff at a virtual relationship being real love, but it is. Everyone doesn’t get there, but LOVE truly is the secret of IMVU.

6 responses

  1. i love you kait…

    February 5, 2013 at 11:42 am

  2. collettelilac

    I Second that Emotion.

    February 6, 2013 at 6:19 pm

  3. Awwww… But I wrote this because I love you all! :-)

    February 6, 2013 at 6:21 pm

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