The Good Bad and the Ugly in IMVU

the good bad and the sexy in imvuThere is a lot of good and fun things in here but there’s also a lot of bad too. The anonymity of this place and the Internet makes it a magnet for people with issues. Don’t let your guard down or think that because you know someone here that you can trust them.

When you open up and feel so amazingly close to someone it’s easy to feel like you can bend the rules or you have to trust someone you love so much. Unfortunately once you let things out you never know who knows what. Remember you don’t show someone you love them by breaking the rules. You show them you love them by NOT letting them break the rules. Unfortunately when things go wrong they often go very wrong in here, and the people you’re the very closest to are the most likely to be upset and may feel hurt enough to want to hurt you.

Imvu doesn’t want to talk about it or seem to want to do anything about it either but there are child pornographers and predators in here. I know someone that was pursuing them and I’m trying to get her to tell the story. I live in and talk about the good side here. My job with this is pretty much showing how much fun it can be and trying to inspire you. But just know that there is a dark side and the rules about protecting your personal information aren’t just guides and they are there for a reason, to protect you! Enough said but know that I love you and want to help you have fun but stay safe above all.

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