Extreme Emotions in IMVU

imvu bdsm with schoolgirls not dirtyI would honestly be one of the last people to ever be into bondage in real life, but some of that in here can be fun and create powerful emotions. If you can’t experiment and do things you’d never do in real life here, where can you?!

I’m really not into BDSM and don’t want to make that my life. But I really love being able to experience such a variety of extremely powerful emotional things here. Relationships are built on shared emotions and this can certainly be very intense and emotional.

If you really get into it, the powerful contrast between and combination of fear and pain and pleasure, even if they’re only in your head is shockingly potent. It does take a strong loving connection to be able to trust someone that completely. And passion with someone you really love is always more intense, although a first time encounter that really connects is exciting too.

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