Be Happy in IMVU

don't complain or gripe in imvuI had a new friend that I had only met once but i was really looking forward to seeing again. We had exchanged notes and gifts and it was going to be fun. But when we got a chance to get together he started out by complaining that I was ignoring him and then after another minute he’s gripping about everyone in here. He was upset and angry. I think it was more about things in real life.

We all have bad days. But unlike real life in here you can be anything you want. But at the same time people can be with anyone they want. So if you aren’t fun to be with people are going to make themselves scarce.

This doesn’t apply to your best friends in imvu as much. If its a one time thing some emotion can help make things exciting and help you feel closer but to much will turn into a problem. Good friends won’t stay away but it could ultimately hurt the most important things you have in here (your relationships) if you have repeated issues.

One response

  1. ya, yea, you know i feel the same way. its good to be honest about your feelings, but its better to focus on the good, instead of dwelling on the bad.

    December 20, 2012 at 11:13 pm

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