A peaceful sanctuary

imvu healing therapyThis place is obviously very flexible and can be anything you want. I tend to like sexy adventures but it can also be just a peaceful sanctuary too. It can be an escape to be able to get out and spend quiet peaceful time with friends or alone.

In some ways IMVU is kind of like an empty room that can be turned into a home, a nightclub, fairy tale forest, haunted castle, lounge, or absolutely anything exciting, sexy or even restful. It’s different things to everyone. Part of the fun and excitement is the awesome variety.

sleeping together imvuIt’s surprising how good a virtual hug can feel or how even a virtual massage can make you feel or how nice it feels to cuddle with someone you love. I am fortunate to be such good friends with the two sweetest girls ever. Wendy and Stephanie set an amazing example in terms of peaceful loving hearts and how they use this. They really do make this place such a beautiful peaceful and loving place.

One response

  1. yea.. really its amazing just sleeping with someone, or ihave a friend that makes the best yoga rooms or taichi mountain gardens…

    January 13, 2013 at 1:15 am

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