IMVU is good for my Midlife Crisis

sexy cuddling in imvu couch
I’ve always said I came here to feel sexy but I just recently realized or faced why. I obviously don’t still look like I’m 20 any more. It just hit me the other day a little hard that I guess I’m just getting older. At the same point you start to realize you’re not going to be able to do quite as much of some things. In some ways it makes me feel like I need this even more, but it can also make real life feel a little boring or bland at times too.

So if I’m being a little overly sexy at times in here, it’s probably just part of the emotional therapy I need and my way of dealing with life. I love feeling sexy and feeling other people think I’m sexy too. It’s not so much about sex but feeling sexy and attractive and holding onto that feeling.

kait port black hottub room white sheer (2)I really appreciate all my friends in here and the love and passion more than I can say. I’ve been here about two years now and it’s been a great learning process and so much fun. It may not be real life but it’s part of my life too and in some ways it definitely helps me deal with things. Nobody’s life is as much fun and exciting as this can be, but that doesn’t make your life bad or boring, it’s just life.

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