Everyone wants to feel wanted

feeling loved and loving in imvu
I kind of feel like this is more obvious for girls than it is for guys since we are used to having to attract more than chase. We buy way more clothes and work much harder to be attractive and we appreciate compliments on our looks more. That’s a big part of why I came here, to feel sexy and loved.

Guys try to be strong but I think it’s just as true for guys though too. They want their partner to love and want them just as much. I used to feel awkward saying I love you, to guys since I’m married in real life. However I think I kind of feel like it’s part of being a good lover here now, as long as they aren’t getting clingy or possessive. We all want and maybe even need to feel wanted and loved.

IMVU is great because I think it lets everyone feel wanted. Anyone can have a good body and you can’t turn around without someone flirting or propositioning you. You are as attractive in here because of your inside not your outside. We all wish we could be skinnier taller or something and this is a great fun way to feel sexy and wanted. Just remember this and go a little out of your way to tell and show someone that you love them. There’s not much you can do in here to feel more attracted to you than to express your attraction to them.

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