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how to be sexy in imvu
You can make anything sexy if you describe it graphically and vividly. The more detailed you make it, the more the reader can feel it. Say how you feel. Describe even little actions descriptively with lots of adjectives to make it fun.

Katy is the best and taught me this. She also taught me something else recently. The longer the description the more it means. That’s true in everything. If you write wb it’s nice but writing Welcome Back is stronger. Writing, “running across the room and jumping into your arms enthusiastically” means more than “Hugggs.” I guess that’s kind of obvious when you think about it, and I knew it, but it’s easy to get lazy when I’m just reading and typing away and trying to be effecient.

bunny love You can see this when you see someone really good at it. I watched Katy make Gabby a virtual drink one time and was just amazed at the vividness of it. I’m not a bar tender and honestly don’t know many drinks but it was awesome to watch. That’s also what I look for when I go to a room looking around and wondering who to approach. Even if I don’t talk much to them when that person leaves I’m going to request them, because you just know that person would be good to talk to. So be vivid and paint a picture everyone can feel. Share your heart and thoughts and describe every little detail at least sometimes. All we have here are words so be super descriptive and make it powerful and fun.

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  1. quidlyn

    Aww thanks Kait for the kind words. Reminds me of a conversation I had yesterday with D-, who was “training” one of his new girls…

    holi: not too sure on how roleplay works on here.
    D-: descriptions
    D-: erm…
    D-: such as
    D-: ~passes Katy a lollipop
    D-: show Holi
    me: ~giggles
    me: ~while D holds the lollipop
    me: ~licks it
    me: ~with just the tip of her tongue
    me: ~long lapping licks
    me: ~swirling
    me: ~eyes never leaving his
    me: ~a mischeviously glimmer in her eyes
    me: mmm.. cherry
    me: ~giggles
    D-: ~looks into her eyes eagerly as he gets hotter
    holi: oh i see. i can do that. lol

    November 3, 2012 at 12:08 pm

  2. Oh that’s an awesome example from the Master! I was tempted to see if I could find that bar tender part of the chat but this shows it.

    November 3, 2012 at 12:15 pm

    • Found the chat i think you were talking about. Though I really think you had to be there to get it. But kinda fun to read and remember.

      G-: <looks over at empty glass
      me: ~runs to fetch Miss a drink!
      G-: smile
      G-: can you make me one of those cosmos?
      G-: giggles
      me: ~puts on her bartender outfit
      me: little vest.. bow tie..
      me: hipster hat
      Kaitlyn: hehe :)
      G-: o so cute
      me: jauntily tipped to the side
      G-: my tinkerbell
      Kaitlyn: Katy's the cutest bartender
      me: ~dash of triple sec
      me: ~citron absolut
      G-: mmmmm
      me: blood orange liquer
      me: ~ice
      me: oh.. puts ice in the martini glass to
      chill the glass
      G-: o you rememberd
      me: ~ponders~
      me: ~giggles~
      me: takes out a fresh blood orange
      me: ~cuts off a thin slice to maek a twist
      me: squezes the rest for its juice
      Kaitlyn: heheee
      G-: mmmm
      Kaitlyn: katy could make anything sound
      G-: <eyes the sexy bartender
      me: ~dash of angostura bitters
      Kaitlyn: eyes, heck she's holding the sexy
      me: pours everything into the shaker
      me: with some ice
      me: satisfying rattle
      G-: tilts my head down but lifts my eyes
      me: and she uses her whole body to shake
      me: ~blushes
      Kaitlyn: ooo I love watching her SHAKE
      me: ~emptying teh shaker into the childed
      martini glass
      me: adds a purple umbrella
      me: ~giggles
      me: ~whispers~ it tastes better with a
      G-: as she sets down the glass my hnad
      brushes hers by accident
      me: ~looking back across the bar shyly
      from under her hat~
      G-: feeling the tingle pass through my
      Kaitlyn: kisss
      me: ~shivering as her knees get suddenly
      me: ~hands gripping the bar for support
      G-: raising my head, eyes meeting hers,
      our hands still touching
      Kaitlyn: heheee…
      me: leaning forward…
      G-: purse my lips and blows thee gentlest
      of kisses and says thank you
      me: ~arms suddenly lose strength
      me: as i fall forward accidenlly
      G-: and our lips meet
      me: ~lips meeting soft lips
      me: the taste of blood orange and vodka
      me: mixing with lipgloss
      me: and lips
      G-: eyes closing the kiss extends longer
      Kaitlyn: (((labeling this chat the sexy
      me: ~heart pounding ringing in my ears
      me: as i lose myself in her eyes
      me: her lips
      me: her breath
      me: in your arms…
      Kaitlyn: (imagine if she wasn't so tired!)
      G-: figers go from a touch to entwining
      me: until my knuckles go white
      G-: everyone in the bar staring
      Kaitlyn: ~starring open mouthed~
      me: ~finally catching herself
      Kaitlyn: ~breathless~
      me: ~standing up again reluctantly
      Kaitlyn: ok :)
      me: ~clearing her eyes
      me: on the house.. Miss ~in a tiny voice~
      G-: fingers loosening
      G-: sighs deeply
      G-: asks
      Kaitlyn: all that for a free drink!
      G-: when do you get off
      G-: maybe we could have cofee or something
      me: ~smiles~
      me: ~blushing~
      G-: if your interested
      me: anytime Miss… i own the bar
      G-: smiles
      G-: i have heard you have a well stocked
      wine cellat
      me: nod nod nod
      G-: maybe you can show it to me sometime
      me: would the lady like a tour
      Kaitlyn: would you like a special tour
      Kaitlyn: hehehe…
      me: ~smiles~
      G-: oo that would be lovely
      me: ~a shy smile~
      G-: giggles
      G-: now i really need a drink

      November 3, 2012 at 8:43 pm

  3. Wow, see! That shows how to make anything sexy better than anything I could say. My only thought reading that again was the question at the end “When do you get off?” and her answer “anytime…” ~blushing ~

    November 3, 2012 at 8:59 pm

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