Watch what you click

dangers in imvuI’ve said in here and you probably know not to give out your personal information but you also have to be careful about clicking just any URL you see in a chat if it’s not a site you’re familiar with. Just like spam, just clicking a link may be enough for someone to track where you go or have been on the Internet and could even cause you to download something malicious into your computer.

However unlike broad spam emails sent to lots of people if that person is after you specifically they may be after more than just your information, they may be after you. This is another reason why IMVU can be dangerous for kids too. So if someone sends you a link that you don’t know or it goes to a dot com domain that you don’t know and trust do not click on it. This goes for spam offers in your messages too.

Most of the links you see in here are links to the imvu catalog or image sites you know. Anything at is safe. So is or or something like that. But any time someone wants you to go to a specific page site, if you don’t know them or why they’re giving it to you don’t click. If you want to look go to the root dot com domain name to see if it looks legitimate and appropriate first. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. If in doubt say its not opening and just pretend your computer is acting up. If they seem oddly insistent you’re probably smart not to click.

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  1. very smart advice

    November 4, 2012 at 9:37 pm

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