Your IMVU Happiness Score

imvu happy danceI bet you didn’t know ther was a formula to calculate your happiness. It’s simple (fingers crossed).

The number of gifts you’ve given plus the gifts you’ve received multiplied by the number of messages you’ve received in the past 24 hours minus the number of times you pulse about other people plus the number of names you have in your profile interests.

Girls also take whichever is greater, the number of shoes they have Or the number of songs, added to the 1/8 of the number of friends you have.

Guys take the number of girls on their friends and multiply that times the number of sex poses they have.

Oh and bonus point for pictures of friends on the walls on your room. What else am I missing? Oh and if you have a real life fiance and your name is Stephanie, you win!

2 responses

  1. that sounds about right… was talking to an old friend who finds imvu getting dull but i think he’s really missing out. yes, the new rooms and new shopping and even the cyber gets old, if you’re missing the secret of imvu, which is love, emotions, friendship… but maybe that’s harder for guys to find.

    October 22, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    • I think if you’re not progressing, you are sliding a little. I look back and I guess I do think what I used to do here is kind of dull in a lot of ways. Yes, the secret of imvu is definitely that it’s about relationships. Not necessarily sex per say, though sex does add a passion and intensity to the relationships and can bring out the heart and love and give you a little of the relationship feeling at least temporarily.

      I think that’s an interesting observation about it being harder for guys. I’m not sure if it’s because guys get stuck in the sex mode, or if it’s because women are inherently any better or more open to or want the relationship side more. I do admit that although I’ve come a long ways from my original paranoia of guys on here and relationships with them, I do still feel a little more open emotionally with women, although sexually I’m at least as open with guys, it’s just shallower.

      I think of this type of discussion as the fun stuff and why I started this and made the focus of this not just imvu but virtual relationships too. I have to say, your happiness here in the long run does seem connected directly to your relationships. Not the number of messages or gifts exactly but they are an indication in the amount and strength of your relationships, so it kind of works. It can certainly get very intense here though and things can blow up relationship wise. So choose your friends wisely and be a good friend. Communicate and share as much as you can, open your heart and believe in people and be someone they can believe in.

      October 22, 2012 at 11:25 pm

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