My Big Secret

imvu secret agent KaitI didn’t come here for love. I’m happily married and have a great family and home. I came here to feel sexy again because sometime real life loses a little of the craziness and fun. I stayed because of the the most amazing friendships. Now I’m quite frankly so head over heels in the most amazing love. I honestly can’t even think straight at times. It’s the most amazing feeling ever, but I say secret because I can’t tell anyone in my real life about it.

I can’t tell anyone because they’ll only think I’m even crazier than they probably already do. I used to try to tell one girlfriend what this was like but it’s just not possible. Sometimes I wonder if I’m sharing to much here. And at the same time I really don’t think I’m able to totally capture the passion and intensity of it all very well either.

I love this feeling. You could argue that I’m addicted to it to some degree. But how much is that cloud nine feeling worth? Even if you can’t share it in your real life. I guess I’m lucky in one way, because I can share it here. I also more than anything, I really hope that you can experience this for yourself.

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  1. Dear Kaitlyn,
    You may be nuts but that makes you just another nut in a big Christmas mix .
    It is indeed possible to fall in love be loved and experience that indescribable giddiness here on IMVU. I am similarly totally in love with Our Karen, as she is known affectionatly in our HOLM. The love is amazing, overpowering at times, just as real as it would be in Real Life. One would think that the low probability of ever actually meeting in Real Life would dampen the love a bit. But i just had the experience where someone i have loved and trusted in Real Life for 16 years dumped me homeless in the gutter,while my beloved wife on IMVU and our friends and girls have stood by me and supported me with their love, compassion, advice, more solidly and with more veracity than anything i can call “support” in Real Life.

    The mere fact that IMVU is “just pixels and words”,as Karen has described it, does not negate the PERSON BEHIND THE KEYBOARD WHO IS FLESH AND BLOOD. Those sensations of love and being in loved that you describe, put a lie to the constant falshood carped repeatedly by the “role play” crowds who insist that IMVU is “just a game”.

    There is a warning hidden in here too: a true and loving relationship online in IMVU is entirely possible but DESTRUCTION OF ALL TRUST, LOVE AND AFFECTION THAT EXISTS IN A REAL LIFE RELATIONSHIP CAN EASILY BE DESTROYED BY IMVU as well and by the thoughless, greedy selfish ignorance of “gamers” playing with human souls in the cyberverse.

    As happy and joyful as love and friendship on IMVU can be, the pain , misery and true suffering that can be inflicted on IMVU is of terrifying proprtions.

    The gamers will say “people make their own choices” “no one can force you to change” online. But that is patently untrue. As the expeience of being in love on IMVU demonstrates or losing a life partner because of advice provided by some idiot on IMVU .

    May the Love flourish and the thoughtless cruelties die and go away in the Real World as much as on IMVU . If that kind of “nutty talk” offends anyone then let them take the argument up with Jesus, with Bhudda, with Mohammed and every other visionary who has glimpsed heaven and lived to tell us about .
    May your union online Blessed Be, dear Kait.

    Your always loving , Holly

    October 21, 2012 at 8:26 am

  2. Wow what do you say to that, except thats why I love you not because of passion, but the heart you have for here. 

    October 21, 2012 at 11:47 am

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