Family by Choice

disney family katy

The Princess of CUTE

Family in imvu is different than real life but often just as important. The main difference here is that you’re not born into a family, you chose and grow into it. It takes time and consistency for your whole network of relationships to develop from friendships into a bond that feels more like a brothers or sisters etc.

The Queen of REAL

Being part of a family of great friends is an awesome feeling and gives you a tremendous feeling of belonging which to me is one of the most special things. If the most valuable thing you have in IMVU is your friends, the most valuable friends you have are your family. Then the most important person in your family is your spouse (if you have one)

disney family susan

The Queen of PASSION

Every family and group is different just like every relationship is different. Some have some role play and story and they can be formal or casual. Most have some traditions and like all relationships a family takes time and communication.


The Princess of FUN

I love my family immensely. They are the most wonderful people and I truly love them all soooo much. We have spent hundreds of hours laughing, dancing and talking and shared an awful lot. It’s so amazing the level of friendships you develop. I can’t possibly say enough or do enough for them. I’m also redoing the family and pics on the website with the princesses theme which I love. They are ALL princesses and queens to me!

kimmi disney family

The Queen of Style

Stephanie is the Princess of Happiness

The Princess of Happiness

3 responses

  1. i’ve been having a conversation with a guy friend who’s getting tired of imvu, tired of the meaningless cyber, which is understandable. i told him he’s missing out on the real magic of imvu, meaningful relationships.

    such pretty pictures too. especially susan’s!

    October 24, 2012 at 10:00 pm

  2. Cyber has it’s place, and it does tend to be similar but part of the fun here is really how different it can be even with the same person in different costumes, looks and places. Role playing different scenarios, mixing in some public rooms which adds an element of randomness to it. Cyber does tend to be repetitive, but relationships grow and make it exciting. I also feel like every successive relationship has been better and better. One person’s experience obviously isn’t enough to say that’s true in general, but it has been my experience. I wonder if you or anyone else has noticed that. Though maybe it’s just the natural feeling being in one always feels better than looking back on them.

    I also realized I don’t have mine in here or on the website so I’ll add it here. :)

    October 24, 2012 at 11:04 pm

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