The right partner can make your IMVU life so amazing

My Sexy IMVU OwnerYou can only be so sexy by yourself but the right partner in here that lovingly pushes you and helps you explore your fantasies and pushes your limits a little, can be the most amazing thing. And I mean the most amazing thing in the land of amazing things (she says with a blissful smile and wistful tone in her voice).

Maybe some people are naturally more sexy. I was never really wild even when I was young and single. I go to church and was pretty much always a good girl and I have a good life. I came here to feel sexy again and feel like I found more than I could ever have asked for or even dreamed of. I didn’t realize this at first, because I tend to be very cautious with my friends, not wanting to mess around with people that I really care about the most, but I so love a partner that pushes me gently.

I guess it’s no surprise that the right partner can make you feel sexier, but it was an interesting realization to me. I love how the relationships and principles in here mirror real life so much, not because they are programmed that way, but because WE are programmed that way.

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