Virtual passion can create real emotions.

imvu friends in bed
There are some people that I’m a pure friend with. There are some people that it’s pure physical (OK I admit there’s more of these than pure friends, so shoot me). But the best relationships are usually a combination of both. That’s because friendship makes it more real and more meaningful. Passion releases powerful chemicals and powerful emotions that strengthen the friendship and open your heart.

It’s certainly possible to have a lot of passion without the relationships or friendship (especially if you’re a guy). But it’s still much better to combine both. You do get a little bit more drama with friends than you do with random people but that’s because you care and it becomes more real.

The strength of your friendship also helps make it all last. One of the benefits of a pure friendship is that real friends in here can be rarer and longer lasting than the typical relationships in here.

The sex though it can certainly be great, obviously isn’t real. But it can make very real and powerful emotions. So watch out because this rabbit hole is very deep, and very crazy and will be awesome but it can and often does get complicated.

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