Role play, sub or slave…

Some time ago, a good friend asked me the question about the sub or slave role in imvu. First of all, I had no experience in this type of role play and I think I’m really not a sub or slave type. If someone would tell me to get on my hands and knees and bark like a dog, I would say “do this yourself.” But if a friend wanted this I would understand it now too, now that I’ve looked at it more closely. It will be their choice and I respect that, and most of all it still be my friend and neither or nothing will change that.

I did some homework about how to act being a good sub or even being a better slave. Hope this could help people with their choices!!

Being a sub can take on many forms: being a sex slave, being owned, being told what to do, crawling around on hands and knees at a master or mistress’s feet, being kept on a leash, feeding from a bowl, and of course being punished when naughty or rewarded when good. All of these scenarios stem from the same desire. The willing and joyful surrender of control. For a sub nothing can be more librating than this to step out of the “real world” relinquishes responsibility, worries, everyday pressures, and hand over their life to another. But being a slave or sub is not a one way exchange. It’s not about being helpless, being a victim, being lazy, and expecting someone else to do everything for you. It’s the eagerness to serve, to worship another, the willingness and desire to please. Being a good sub, it’s “THE DESIRE TO SERVE”.

A good slave should remember all rules set up by his or her owner. He or she will do their best to uphold those rules and keep within the agreed boundaries. Some subs like to push their owners, challenge their authority or be naughty. This only works if the dom/domme is compliant in such games. If not, the sub is breaking the rule by putting their own needs above their owner’s

A good sub should be aware of how to please a dom/domme in every way possible. If you discover that your master or mistress wanted to see you dressed as a cheerleader then turn up in this costume some day. While it’s important that a sub sticks to rules and does exactly as his or her owner tells them, surprises like this show that the sub has been listening, is thinking of the dom/domme, and is trying to please.

Nothing will annoy a master or mistress more than a whiny slave, complaining, being demanding, or trying to tell their owner what to do. If however a sub is suffering in a way not conducive to play their bound legs hurting. The slave should never tell their owner how to rectify the problem. That’s the owner’s role and not theirs

This is my story about sub or slave. Think twice when someone asks you and don’t make a decision like this unless you feel you’re ready for it. Don’t accept it to quick or you might regret it!

2 responses

  1. There can be more than RP to it, very good and very bad things. I strongly advise that people who want to RP BDSM should take the time to know about the basics of this Lifestyle and what it means IRL. Maybe I am just repeating myself, but SSC (Sane, Safe, Consensual) is a golden rule. My slave has been with me for one year now, and I have taken on a second one. This goes far beyond RP and has RL implications. All in all, just be extremely cautious about the person you want to commit yourself – it is not “a game”.

    September 11, 2012 at 1:02 am

    • Wendy

      Thank you so much for your comment at my story. I hope I did some good homework before I publish this story. I’m not a girl to ask how to act or how to be a sub or slave but hope this story explain some for all the people who like to be. This isnt just a game and even in here it can be very powerful. Thanks again for you wonderful comment and a big part to help people to make their choices…huggles xxx

      September 18, 2012 at 3:39 pm

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