Recruiting IMVU Slaves

imvu slave recruiting bdsm chainsThis is a chat I had meeting someone for the very first time. It was fun and I was enjoying it and I know things can happen fast in here, but this was ridiculous. The point is you might not want to ask someone for a total commitment up front before you get started and really have much fun. It’s kind of like asking them to marry you at the beginning of the first date. You might think to yourself you want to marry them on the first date, but don’t ask the girl to then and there and require that before continuing. He didn’t know the first thing about me.

I guess if you’re looking for someone weak and totally eager to submit (even to someone they don’t know), this might make a little sense. But you’ve got to make them love you before demanding it, at least in my book. His fifth line was “welcome to your new home, girl”

His 9th through 12th lines of text were:
Gyrisel : you are mine forever. you are a slave. this is your place in life
Gyrisel: ((then submit to me in rl as well as here. make your profile show youre mine))

I played along and even bought and put on his things trying to make it fun and play it out. I changed the name because I’m not trying to hurt anyone at all, but I just write about my experiences here and about things I hope will help people learn and have a better time here.

imvu slaves bdsm chains

Gyriseal has joined the chat
Gyriseal: hello and welome. please be barefoot and join me
Kaitlyn: ~shivers as she opens her eyes in the strange room~
Gyriseal: follow me
Kaitlyn: and seems unable to resist removing her shoes.
Kaitlyn: (but give me a moment to get out of another room)
Gyriseal: -he pulls her hands behind her, locking them together in a pair of cuffs. he then motions her to follow him-
Kaitlyn: (lookign for the spot)
Kaitlyn: ~the metal on her hands takes her by surprise~
Gyriseal: -he walks her into a dungeon, unlocks her wrists only to lock them above her head tightly-
Kaitlyn: ~then she feels dragged, and fear starts to fill her~
Kaitlyn: looking around still groggy…. this place ohhh
Gyriseal: welcome to your new home, girl
Kaitlyn: her breathing and heart are pounding
Kaitlyn: ~a tear falls as she rattles the chains~
Kaitlyn: but.. butt..
Kaitlyn: ~she starts to protest but the look from the figure makes her stop in her tracks~
Gyriseal: -he locks a collar tightly around her neck and slowly undresses her, kissing her feet slowly as he does-
Kaitlyn: she tries to turn her head the only defense she has but it’s too late…..
Kaitlyn: ~she shivers and feels his lips pressing hard against hers~
Kaitlyn: whispering no noooo
Gyriseal: -he fully removes her clothing and slaps her bare ass hard-
Kaitlyn: but her will seems to be gone some drugs making the whole thing seem surreal
Kaitlyn: shaking as he ripps her clothes off.
Kaitlyn: my panties tear and he claws dig into my skin.
Gyriseal: -he holds her hair and makes her look him in the eyes- look at me girl. you are mine forever, and I am your Master. do you understand?
Kaitlyn: his words echo through me very powerfully…
Kaitlyn: she tries to look away but feels his will his desire controlling somehow.
Kaitlyn: I…
Kaitlyn: I…. I understand
Kaitlyn: she tries to resist but hears the words…
Kaitlyn: clenching her fists and closing her eyes.
Kaitlyn: his breath so close she can feel it on her skin and control still there holding her
Gyriseal : you are mine forever. you are a slave. this is your place in life
Kaitlyn: my heart pounds and and I try to cry out.
Kaitlyn : but…. can’t or wont.
Kaitlyn: a strange mixture of fear and desire to obey pounding inside her but
Kaitlyn: her head nods slowly…
Kaitlyn: (oh they look cool and this is fun but I’m not going to have time to do as much as i’d like to right now)
Gyriseal: ((then submit to me in rl as well as here. make your profile show youre mine))
Kaitlyn: (and I don’t mind getting some things and playing but I have so many things in here too)
Kaitlyn: hmmmm my mistress might not like that, though she might love it if I share it with her
Kaitlyn: and I have so many great friends… sigh.
Kaitlyn: I like being dominated but that’s really not my whole life her :(
Kaitlyn: I hope that’s not ruining the fun that we started…. :)
Gyriseal: no, but if you take my collar nd be mine I assure you you will love it more than you ever thought possible
Kaitlyn: its just kind of like demanding someone to marry you at the beginning of the first date.
Kaitlyn: well it depends on how seriously you take it.
Gyriseal: I take it very seriously my dear
Kaitlyn: then asking someone to make that type of serious commitment before you barely get started
Kaitlyn: would only work on someone with no life here.
Gyriseal: put my collar and cuffs on -slaps her breasts hard, then slowly twists her nipples-
Gyriseal: good girl -slowly runs his finger up and down her clit-
Kaitlyn: quivering and unable to think….
Kaitlyn: such feelings rushing through my head
Kaitlyn: desire taking over and over powering the feat as he rubs my clit softly….
Gyriseal: -he strikes her pussy hard and quickly, repeating the slap at random times-
Kaitlyn: sorry I had to change the battery on my mouse.
Gyriseal: mmmm very wet and very soft as well. perect
Kaitlyn: good thing I keep extra batteries here :)
Kaitlyn: rattling the chains as my knees get weak
Kaitlyn: (I’m going to have to go in a minute)
Kaitlyn: the look in his eye still terrifying but his fingers make my whole body tingle with desire
Gyriseal: remain like this everywhere -forces 3 fingers hard into her pussy-
Kaitlyn: gasps as he forces my pussy open…
Kaitlyn: ooohhhh feeling them stretching my warm wet pussy walls
Kaitlyn: as they slide in and out pushing deeper each thrust
Kaitlyn: making me squeal softly with each thrust into my wetness
Kaitlyn: sigh… to be continued ;)
Gyriseal: -fingers her faster and harder, ensuring she gets close to climax then he stops and waiyts for her to stop-
Kaitlyn: my heart still pounding my eyes filled with desire..
Gyriseal: does my slut wish to have pleasure?
Kaitlyn: wishes but can’t…
Gyriseal: and why is that?
Kaitlyn: have to put the last kid (my hub) to bed.
Gyriseal: you should consider my offer girl
Kaitlyn: what offer?
Kaitlyn: oh the surrender your whole life one?
Gyriseal: -tugs her collar- that one. YOU ARE MINE
Kaitlyn: I won’t say anything negative.
Kaitlyn: I enjoy the fun playing.
Kaitlyn: and have shown I can play as well as you can and am willing to play along.
Kaitlyn: you should read my website
Kaitlyn: and you might want to make someone want to commit before demanding it.
Kaitlyn: just my first impression.
Kaitlyn: this would probably work for a noob, though they probably wouldn’t be as fun.
Kaitlyn: ;-)
Gyriseal: you love the look you have now with the collar and cuffs. admit it
Gyriseal: put them back on
Kaitlyn: ~she puts on her soapy shower look to slip out..~
Kaitlyn: I do have to go.
Gyriseal: ok but keep them all on girl
Kaitlyn: real life…
Gyriseal: -slaps her wet pussy
Kaitlyn: squeezes his hard cock…
Kaitlyn: ;)

9 responses

  1. Omg sis you find the most amazing rooms. You’ll have to take me some time. At least you got good pictures out of it. I had a similar experience with a Dracula type who I humoured as well. I guess it’s a lot like the random invites you get who after saying their name ask you to be their gf. Or even more weirder is those who walk into a public room and the first thing they say is Im single I need gf. I guess it must work for some people but geez.

    September 8, 2012 at 4:59 pm

  2. I have an awesome Mistress type person I am getting close to and will definitely introduce you too. She’s very serious and fun and has done this for quite a while. :-)

    This is an interesting point I’ve made before but it’s great to share the really best people to other really great people. Really pretty or quality girls know other really pretty/quality girls and people.

    September 8, 2012 at 5:10 pm

  3. collettelilac

    Awesome Story!
    I also have had commitment random invites. Wanting to be my gf even before I knew there name. Once even wanted to get married.(I Collete take you -blank- to be my lawfully…..). This Griseal bothered me cause he never once broke his act even after your non-playing responses. Is he acting? (Yikes!) What ARE you thinking? I want to change my entire life here for someone I have known for 45 seconds. Hmmmm, well, twilight reruns were getting boring!

    September 9, 2012 at 10:36 am

    • Well it’s just hard to say you take it seriously if you didn’t even care enough to get to know their name or anything about them. Overall, the more you take your time in getting to know someone the longer it will last. In some ways maybe it’s a numbers game for guys, and if they ask this enough maybe they’ll get a couple and maybe one of them will last and be fun. Maybe it’s a numbers game for me too, looking for someone really good to play with. It was interesting walking in and just going with it like that. The fun part about imvu is that you never know what will happen or where you’ll end up from one day to the next or even one hour to the next.

      September 9, 2012 at 8:35 pm

  4. JaydeLala

    What room is that invite me please @jaydeLala

    April 15, 2013 at 2:33 pm

    • Oh sorry I don’t remember, that was 7 months ago.

      April 15, 2013 at 2:44 pm

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  6. Liza

    LOL ~ I do know this guy! He did the same to me like he did to you. You are truly right, he dominating girls to be his slave in the first met and when i say No he tried to threaten me by saying ” you gonna lost your account soon” That’s really unprofessional and a noob act’ for a guy who claimed to be a Master! I guess he is just all talk only.

    October 3, 2014 at 4:08 am

    • It’s funny how many guys seem to demand a commitment so quickly right out of the box the first time we spend time. I usually ask them if they usually ask for a commitment on the first date in real life. I also asked one guy if he’s he’s making a commitment to me or only wants me to be committed to him. The best way to get anyone to commit to you is to make them want to. And don’t ask for that until you KNOW what the answer is.

      October 5, 2014 at 9:02 pm

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