How meaningful love can be here

being there for someone in imvu is so important
The connections you make here can be very powerful. That’s an enormous understatement. But unfortunately sometimes it takes the tough times to appreciate how strong and important that can be. I guess without bad weather we wouldn’t appreciate the good weather. And without storms we wouldn’t realize how strong we are or who our real friends are.

Susan, (Katy’s wife) is really struggling, because her father is in the hospital in critical condition. Without disclosing someone else’s situation, being able to be there with Katy for Susan, crying, praying, crying and hugging and sharing the pain, is incredibly powerful and important. Fun and love are great, but in real life heart wrenching situations like this nothing can match the intensity and emotions you’ll share. And relationships are built on shared emotions. I guess maybe that’s the secret to how IMVU builds relationships so well, because it lets you share so much emotion.

imvu angels at the beachI wish there were words to describe how powerful and emotional it is to share this type of painful real life changing moments with someone you truly love cheering and supporting you. I’ve cried my eyes out at times, prayed and loved the most amazing people here. Yesterday was a good example and not just one of the most powerful things I’ve ever had on IMVU but in my whole life. There’s just no way to put that into words effectively or to duplicate that in anything else I’ve ever seen real or virtual. Once you feel this level of commitment you’ll realize that building and sharing the love, the laughter and the pain, doesn’t just build relationships, but may be what this place is all about.

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  1. Boy this can be such an emotional roller coaster sometimes, even when you’re pretty even keeled. Maybe that’s why I like it?

    September 24, 2012 at 7:18 pm

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