Balance can be hard in such a crazy place

sexy imvu friends cuddling on the couchVirtual relationships just like real life relationships have to be balanced. It’s a slow building process in real life. We take a step or two and want to make sure they’re at the same point. It can happen faster in here but you still have to make sure you’re on the same page as your partner or someone can get hurt. This is part of why taking your time can make it last longer.

It feels awesome when we are on the same page but it’s too easy sometimes to get swept away and fall too far to fast. It’s also hard to take a step backwards in a relationship. So don’t rush no matter how perfect it is. Protect your heart no matter how sure you feel. Things do tend to happen fast but there’s really no reason to rush.

imvu bad girls on the prowlThe other part of balance is balancing IMVU itself. I’m probably not the best person to talk about this one, as I admit to spending too much time at times, especially if you include the time I put into the website. It’s easy to suck up all your free time, but I’m trying to go to the gym again and make sure real life is first, and then some. My kids make sure I have some balance to some degree but honestly it’s very easy to let this take too much time. I don’t have an answer to fix that except to say be careful.

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