Sexy role play stories make imvu exciting

Sometimes I like to write a funny short story and then send it to some very dear friends from who I know they like to read this. Sometimes it will be a bit of a funny story and sometimes a slightly sexy…it’s all your imagination how to use it!! Have fun when you read this and maybe this will help you to write your own short story. Even a short story could end up in a big one when the friends you send it will sending you reply with their experiance or story…

This week my father had contact with a new American customer in connection with purchase and export of our Red Naomi roses. It was a very pleasant conversation and this new customer had been agreed to visit and admire our roses company. This new customer should landed today at the airport and my father had asked me to pick this new customer up from there. I had no idea who it was or how he would look like. A lot of people came through the doorway of arrivals 3 and my eyes immediately fell on an image beautiful lady in a fancy suit. I guess my father has already told to the customer of who I was or how I looked like, because this lady came walking straight towards me. She introduced herself as the new customer and after packing her suitcases,  we walked together to the car and drove back to our home. It where tough to hold my eyes on the road and not at the beautiful lady at the seat next to me. Trying not to pay much attention but I where a bit distracted when her business dress showed a part of her thighs.

Once arrived home my mother asked me to guide her with her suitcases to the guest room upstairs and told me to show her the bathroom where she could refresh herself up briefly after the long journey. We went upstairs and I guide her to her room and pointed out where the bathroom where. The bathroom was exactly between the guest room and my bedroom and have an entrance from both side to go in. I told her that I would wait in my bedroom, until she was ready and gave her some time to refresh before we should go downstairs again. Suddenly I noticed that I had forgotten a towel for her. I knocked on the bathroom door and called at the corner, that I had forgotten to gave her a towel. She said that I could come and when I walked into the bathroom she stood there in front of me with her back to the entrance door. The shower already running and half naked with only wearing her panties. I tried not to look and turned my head sideways. She turned around and started to laugh, took the towel and take my hand…

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