Short Fantasy Intros

You can just go from chat to chat hoping something fun and exciting will just happen, and it does sometimes. Or you can take five minutes to make a sexy introduction with someone you really want to do something special with. Send this in a message and ask them to write a paragraph or two back and set up a time to share a great sexy adventure. I’ve written out a few short intros to give you the idea. They can be sent in a single message and will get you both excited and in the mood and make it fun.

sexy imvu cheerleadersCheerleader: Being the new girl in the school I wanted to meet people and make friends so I joined the cheerleading squad. The captain of the squad was a gorgeous very popular girl. I also had a secret crush on her so when she asked me to stay after to work on my “moves” I was very appreciative of her help.

I arranged to walk home and stayed after school to meet her. Maybe it was because it was a Friday but the school seemed practically empty very quickly. It meant giving up my Friday evening but as I changed into my cheer leading outfit I felt naughty and couldn’t help squeezing my breasts for a minute and fantasized a little. Checking my look in the mirror before leaving the locker room I noticed my nipples still stood out and smiled. She was stretching very sexily on the gym floor when I saw her and I couldn’t help but stop and admire her. She looked up and smiled very warmly to me without moving….

Missing You: I knew I’d miss you when I took this new assignment but I had no idea it would be this bad. I loved your letters do much and the sexy Skype calls became all I could think about for a while. So when I finally had some quiet time and I realized it was our 6 month anniversary I had to find a flight back to see you. I wasn’t sure I could keep it a secret but it was so worth it!

I called you from my cell phone when you got home and talked a little while, asking you what you wanted for our anniversary. It took a couple tries but you finally said all you really wanted was me. I was crying trying not to give it away and asked you to go upstairs to the bathroom. You open the door unable to say anything as you see the room full of candles and me laying in the bathtub, full of bubbles. Romantic music plays softly

French Maid: I saw the ad on the bulletin board at college for Light house keeping, French style, warm attractive personality, part time, evenings. I didn’t know what French style meant but I really needed the money. You sounded friendly when I met and you suggested that I come over tonight. It sounded fine when you described it but when you showed me the sexy French maid outfit I was very tempted to say no but also very turned on too. And with some coaxing I reluctantly agreed to try it on.

Layover: It felt like I’d been traveling for business forever. But on a whim I called you and then rearranged my flights to make a five hours layover between flights. I splurged and had several drinks on the plane thinking about my old college flame and by the time I went out through the security I was more than a little buzzed, but happy to see you run and hug me as passionately as ever, even after all these years.

sexy imvu shower pictureShower: I was so excited about tonight I raced home from work planning and debating what to wear the whole way home. He had said he wanted to do something special for our fifth date. Anything would be special and fun I’m sure and I wondered what he had in mind as I held up and compared outfits.

Then suddenly he called and said he was running early and was going to be there in a minute over half an hour early. I reluctantly agreed but said that I was going to take a shower and if he gets there before I’m out just to make himself at home for a few minutes. Hopping into the shower, I’m suddenly startled a few minutes later as you walk into the shower naked, saying something about “making yourself at home….” You ask if you can join me and all I can do is nod, feeling your fingers reaching out to my soft wet skin.

One response

  1. mmm really hot and useful for me. for me, these days, i’m such an intimacy addict that I spend most of my time with people doing that, but fantasies are so much fun and a nice way to change the pace and spice things up.

    July 26, 2012 at 10:08 pm

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